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    Modern Day (Huge Spoiler obviously)

    Hey guys. Ever since i have been just for a short time here in the forum (Which i really enjoy myself here with so many passionate people about this incredible franchise) i have a few answers about the whome Moden day plot.

    Honestly speaking i had been expecting more about the present day storyline that Ubisoft really made very interesting by adding William Miles into the plot of AC Origins for celebrating the Ten Years Anniversary. And Aya and Bayek's mummies that we discovered really blew my mind tbh.

    Once you finish the main game and go back to present day, you wander around the small area for a short time and William tells something about a helicopter that will extract them within an hour. I really wish that Ubisoft will make this go further and finally see that Helicopter! It was interesting the whole story of the modern day and i would like to see more in the Hidden Ones DLC at least.
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    I really would of loved to go to Alexandria in MD to pick up the Apple(I assume that was what they were getting anyway). But I thought how would they set up the ability to return to the Animus. Couldn't come up with any. And they didn't either lol.
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    I thought there were only two Apple of Eden. The one that Ezio hid under the colosseum and the other one into Altair's Library. I don't know how it is supposed to be a third apple in Alexandria. But the apple that Bayek has maybe is one of those two apple of eden! Ever since Rebeca is not dead, but captured. Maybe they can go rescue her and that would be pretty good to see!

    Also, Abstergo also mentioned another Artifact hidden in Athens and they might go to search there.
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    Fortetsanos_7 There are confirmed to be a minimum of 5+ apples.
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    Yeah, I was sort of disappointed with how they handled the Apple (and whatever that flail/mace thing Septimius had was, as well). Bayek doesn't even really react to it, he just takes it from Flavius and sticks it in his footlocker.

    But yeah, I was expecting Bayek's Apple to end up being the same one as Altair's. Doesn't seem like that's the case, though.
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    Damn! I had forgotten about that. 5+ Apples makes it sound too much. I don't know why in my mind i kept 2 apples, the artifact with the power to bring someone back to life and the other we have seen in AC Syndicate. I know there are too many that haven't yet been discovered and i'm curious to see their power in the upcoming AC Games.


    For the ten years anniversary i hoped that this apple that Bayek found was the one that Altair had for 60+ years under his neck. I really wished to be able to see how the Apple of Eden went into the Solomon's temple and the assassin's discovered it centuries after.
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    I'm not convinced that the artifact Abstergo is searching for is the apple as it pertains to Origins. These memories were accidentally discovered by Layla, after all. I'm also quite confident Bayek's apple is Altair's apple and I think Siwan vault actually proves that fact.

    But it makes me question if the map we saw at the end of AC 1 and the the map in the Siwan vault are meant to be exact replicas. In which case that could possibly point out that the map has always been static. Point I'm rying to make here is that if an artifact was hidden before 1191 and remained undisturbed to modern day, shouldn't Abstergo have already have found it based on the belief that the map is not static. Probably more thought than Ubisoft actually put into though.
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    Instead of giving answers, there are more questions.

    The Temple of solomon in AC 1 was in Jerusalem as we can see when we exit from the cave and the scene takes us to Masyaf. So, i don't know how Bayek (?) went to there and hide the apple. After all the box of the Apple in AC 1 had also a cross on top. And Jesus wasn't even born during Bayek's time nor the Templars as an order was estanblished back then 'til the crusades. We know that Eve's son created the Templars by killing his own brother to take the apple. But that's a different story.

    The Hidden Ones DLC says to take the brotherhood one step further. So they may answer a few questions there.
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    Not to mention, wasn't the Apple in the Temple of Solomon tied to the Ark of the Covenant? That would've actually been before Bayek's time. Doesn't seem likely they're one and the same, as it would require the Apple to have been in Jerusalem, traveled somehow to the Siwan vault, and then be returned to the Temple of Solomon.
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    So many answers by adding another Apple of Eden without explaining where it comes from or its fate in the future...
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