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    assassins creed origins sucks

    hello l just purchased your last entry of ac origins which l have to admit l'm a big fun started enthusiasting by ac2 with the hidden catacombs in churches throughout ltaly , but l have to let you know that you dropped my expectations to the limit with your last entry...l expected it much better than that... for example 1. the way character moves looks a bit rough if l might say in contrast to ac4 which moved more mildly and swiftly and l liked the camera swaying behind the player while ran,looked more dynamic ...2.where did corner lock go ?vanished ??? third eye vision???with that bird ok you'll say you lock targets but for sure you'll miss some (a lot of some if l may say believe me and you'll have big surprises especially if you are keen to stealth games ) now that l talked about foes , foes have an excellent ability of perceiving the world around them extraordinary well, making them extremely capable to find you and get in a conflict with you in no time plus the density of the foes is way too high , ridiculously high , and all of them look all over with no obstacles between them so there will be dark places making the game extraordinary irritating ... how will l understand if an area is restricted or not and from where that restriction starts and where ends??only if l enter it and the pointer of the foe seeing me turns red and starts chasing me with a couple of other foes,right???the colors l don't know there is something in this game that gets eye fatigue really quick . plot???where did plot go ???l mean real plot??? like ac rogue for example which in my opinion is your best entry thus far. that was plot . treason, treachery and way different activities as change of pace...and a lot of stealth too....etc etc...aco almost put me in bed ...secondary missions dulllllllllllllllllll....and something last l noticed . noticing your gameplay l noticed that you tried to copy other games . l believe when you stick to your basics your game will look forever better .your game was looking great when you had stuck to the main subject . people bought your game cause it is ac and not something else .if they wanted to buy something else they would have bought them . forget about the rewards and all these stuff . your game looked unique because it looked like the way it was . you want to improve it ok improve it but stick to YOUR GAME CORE that IS UNIQUE ( mostly like ac2 or bro or rev .l also found rogue awesome but that 's it maybe combine these .that's it . put content but do not change your main ''trunk'' . you're killing it ) . l haven't found till now a game that can rival yours but as l see game after game you're more and more away from your game's basics .why?
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    Sorry you don't like it. I think it's by far the best AC. Some of the things you complain about are what make it good. Your perception (the eagle eye) gets stronger as you find more towns/fast travel locations. The enemy density may seem high, but once you figure out how to approach the situations they become much easier. I can clear castles without anyone seeing me, they just find dead bodies as I go - remember, you are an Assassin. Each location is basically it's own puzzle and you have to learn how to take down enemies using the various approaches to killing people (sneaking, assassinating, silent bow kills, hand to hand combat, sleep darts, poison darts, etc etc). This is no longer a button mashing game, it requires more strategy than than past games. Hand to hand combat is challenging but gets much easier, and you'll need to develop new strategies as you start to encounter higher level foes because they themselves have different fighting styles.
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    I disagree and many other people disagree. The challenge in ACO is great. The scenery is fantastic. The chosen period and location is great. I mean, "Ancient Egypt" in 4K?!! It can't get better than that. And the research of the period was phenomenal. The weapons and outfits are great.
    The number of missions are great. The movement is great. The combat is great. The finishing moves are great. And, you are notified well before you enter an area that it is restricted.
    You can tell by the flags, long before you even get close to a possible restricted area. If you see flags and guards, you know that the area is likely restricted, and as you get closer, a sign will pop up to let you know it is restricted. If you see a Question Mark, and guards, you also know that area is likely restricted. So, there are tons of warning signs if you are paying attention and not just rushing through the game. Like it was mentioned before, this is a stealth game that requires technique and planning. When you see a red exclamation mark, that guy will spot you if you are in his field of view. So, whenever a enemy sees your kill, don't be in his line of sight. If an enemy crouches, don't be in his line of sight. If an enemy spots you, get around behind him, and don't let him see you. Eventually he will give up, and then you can kill guards on the other side of the garrison too. If multiple enemies spot you, get far away and around behind them on the other side of the Garrison. If you see sleeping guards, sneak in, and take them out, first, if you can. Poison them or remove bodies as much as possible. You are told this in the very first mission. It's all about strategy. If you are going to be an assassin, you have to think like an assassin. You are told over and over again, that you are a "Hidden One" and cannot be seen. If two guards are talking, you can't attack one, without alerting the other, who will in turn alert every one around him. If a guard turns his back and is at a decent distance from the other, then you can assassinate one, without immediately alerting the other one. If the other guard turns around calmly, you have made a good assassination. If four guards are sitting, take out the other ones that are not sitting. Then, sneak in, and poison one of the sitting guards without being seen, and they will run away from the poison. Then, when their backs are turned, you can take them out, one by one. When you face a really strong guard, you can take out everyone else, and then work on that really strong guard. Poison him to weaken him. Sometimes, you might have to fight him, one on one. When you use Senu to spot all the guards, you might miss one that is asleep, or a guard just might come into the garrison that you didn't see. A guard might even be underground, and you missed him. That is the great part of this game, IMHO. No strategy is 100% fool proof. So, even if you have a good strategy, you might have to improvise at times. If you come upon a guard that hasn't found you a real threat yet, because you have removed all the dead bodies, you can run away without him alerting the whole garrison. Personally, I have not seen a better game, that requires thought and planning, to get the job done. The only stealth games that came even remotely close were "Thief" and "Splinter Cell" and I never even finished those games because they just weren't the same caliber of game. ACO is the very best game that I have ever played. Maybe, because I am a visual person and I really like to use my mind and plan. There are other assets in this game too, like melee fighting, horse riding, chariot riding, etc. I've also played other Assassin creed games, since buying this one, but this one is the best to me. Maybe this game just isn't for you.
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    it is one big disappointment. I bought this game ASAP because i couldn´t wait to play it from what i´ve seen on pics... I was blind fooled. Of course I cannot say that the scenery, feelings you get from enviroment, people ( looking like true ancient egyptians) are somehow bad or not interesting.. I cannot say that my jaw did not drop on the floor immediately after i launched the game. But then suddelny someone (the game) punched a hole into my face and now i cannot see the beauty of an ancient Egypt or people living there because this game has overpowering EVIL side that scares you to hell. Let´s describe this EVIL side as chaotic, boring and awful mashup of Dark Souls ( which was the worst game i have ever seen in my life) The Witcher 3 (the best game i have ever palyed) and those rather odd RPG games that i would never even play. What happended? how is that devs suddenly chose not to go the old golden road of AC, ACII, ACIV and so? why instead they driven the BUS full of these legends, we loved so much from the cliff and let this terrible AC like Game dance on their graves? I dont understand it.. why it has 9 of 10 rating when its so different than other AC games... if its so that AC:O is "best" of the series then why ACII has 10 of 10 when its so different game ( a real assassin game.. unlike ridiculous Bayek who acts as an assassin though he is olny some kind of MEDGAY??? a warrior with rather brute force not interested in anything his previous-future brothers had rely on). Why ACIV is rated 9 of 10 when it has "so easy and boring" combat comparing to ACO, as many people already said.. I understand the game and i would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to play the game... if the name of the game was not ASSASSIN´S CREED because that puts SHAME on ubisoft and every title of the series, why not rather do another Badass AC game as it was and as we DID love it and release this RPG mashup as something absolutely new that would have nothing in common with AC series.. maybe then, Bayek would start to make sense and we could actually enjoy him. i just cannot help myself but think that if there is a game with "ASSASSIN" word in its name and you put guy with SHIELD on his back as main protagonis, you DISGRACE everything we loved in AC series.
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    Ubisoft Tech support sucks. They don't do jack. They just wait for us to stop complaining and lose interest. This is why I don't dig these clowns owning our license for their games. At least Steam works ya clowns....
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    Μany of the things that a player may dislike about Origins can actually be fixed, as long as the player is on PC. The Animus Control Panel can change a lot of parameters related to gameplay mechanics, difficulty, factions' behaviours etc. The Animus Control Panel was an excellent idea but unfortunately, the devs want to tie excellent ideas to a single game only. No Story Creator Mode for Origins, no Animus Control Panel for Odyssey and no Map Editors for any AC title, despite giving that tool to Far Cry players. Life is just not fair... Oh well...
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    This game is good

    Origins is a good game. It's a good AC game. Saying it sucks is really stupid. While I do have my fair share of problems with it, I consider this game one of the strongest in the series, and I rank it just behind the Ezio trilogy in quality. My biggest problem with it tbh is how grindy the leveling can get towards the end but it was never a problem until the very late game which was immediately ruined in Odyssey with its story missions every 2 levels. Origins tells a good story, albeit one that could have used a longer runtime, but it was still well done and this game has HANDS DOWN the very best acting in the series with Abubakar Salim. He really sells bayek and I think that the character wouldn't have been so great with a lesser actor playing the role. So basically, Origins doesn't suck. I usually say that opinions are subjective and whatever, but this is an objectively well made game and a personal favorite of mine.
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    Can somebody help me please?
    I just bought AC Origins in the epic games platform and my two accounts (epic and uplay) are already synchronized, but my game is not appearing in my uplay launcher game library, and when i try to start it from the epic platform it request an activation code but never got one.
    i dont know what to do please help me
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