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    Best way to use manbearpig

    I recently unlocked manbearpig and have not had much luck winning fights. I was curious if anyone had luck with this character after pvp level 48?

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    No, literally only hackers and really bad players use this card.

    Easy win for me...
    Alian queen on the field when you start pulling troops out..

    Ignore him and go for your nk... insta win.

    Other ways include, rats, heidi and wait for your fireball then spam assasins...
    Or simply ignore and rush your newkid while I use cyborg kenny on your manbearpig.

    Just a horrible card that's easy to counter, especially easy when opponent has cockmagick.
    Wich I do on my fantasy deck..
    And on my scifi I have CK and AQR

    So no the moment you put that card you lost one bar.
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    Yea that's kinda what I thought. At least it looks cool I guess lol.
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    Best way to use ManBearPig is to drop him in front of New Kid when you already have a Bar on your opponent and you just need the time to run out. Basically like Zen Cartmen, only costs more than twice as much.
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    Best way to use MBP is to support him with AOE and/or assassins / swarms.

    Assuming the enemy doesn't have Unholy Combustion or Transmogrify, they will likely react by dropping a bunch of assassins or swarm units on him. Be ready for that with Fireball, Poison, maybe lvl 4 Arrowstorm if you have it... or even Terrance / Dark Mage Craig. Alternately you can try to keep him alive by spamming your own assassins and swarms to deal with his assassins / swarms. Play reactively though, wait to see what your opponent does then act, as they may ignore MBP and try to push around him.

    He is too expensive to be treated as a standard tank so if you want to try to push with him you need to be full aggressive, bring out the big DPS troops and spell support with reactive playstyle. DO NOT invest any more energy in him via heals, Robin Tweek buff, Master Ninjew buff etc.

    Bringing Pope Timmy for an instant revive is also a common and effect idea - particularly now that Timmy costs 6.
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    That might be true at level 45 but at level 10 Man Bear Pig is almost unbeatable. I've had three matches today and they have all ended with me at zero points and them thrashing me with MBP and a force of other units. One time I took it down, but they just spawned it again almost right away. I am only just starting to get the cards you talk about and am in no way ready to field them as I need to upgrade.
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