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    How do we convince Ubisoft to re-release Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow digitally?

    This is the only Splinter Cell game that is not available on PC. There is and has been demand for it for a long time. I believe modders fixed the bugs it had. If they can do it surely a company as massive as Ubisoft can. How can we bring the desire for this game's re-release to Ubisoft's attention? I desperately want to replay it. I have very fond memories of that game from my childhood.
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    Instead of re-releasing it hey should just make the game code and assets open source. Then Ubisoft has to invest almost no money (except for creating the open source bundle for the game) and improve their image greatly. Modders are happy, gamers are happy and this should also make Ubisoft happy.
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    Btw. you can play Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow on PC. You have to get the retail version of the game and install it. Since this version has graphics problems where shadows are not rendered you have to apply a fix. Just Google "Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow graphics fix". Should be easy to find from there.
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    Resurecting this really old thread to ask the same

    Ubisoft please release Pandora Tomorrow - i had all 3 (SC, SC:PT and SC:CT) on disc but i lost all discs when i moved. I now have SC and SC:CT (plus Conviction, Double Agent and Blacklist) as digital but would really like to add CS:PT to my library aswell
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    I just hope that they are cooking up something when we will get a new installment in the series. Like shortly before a new title, they could release a complete collection containing all old titles.
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    It's back! Get an Xbox One if you havent already
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    Release a remastered version of this game, which is the simple graphics fix found on youtube to get rid of the xbox graphics created by the Ubisoft Shanghai studio + compatible with older & newer graphics cards. Make it available on Steam, Epic, Uplay, GOG stores!
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