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    Would anyone like the idea of special challenges?

    I wouldnt mind challenges being implemented in For honor similar to how dare I say it COD does where doing certain actions unlocks 1 time rewards for you, as a few examples:

    -kill/execute a certain character x amount of times.
    -performing executions.
    -getting death from above kills.
    -trap kills.
    -capping points

    Some would be similar to the orders but the difference is It all tallys up and as an example you unlock a reward at 25, 50, 75 and 100 rewards would include:
    -paint patterns
    -ornaments etc

    But once they're done thats it they stay ticked off in a menu and there you see the rewards that came with said challenges. And there could be special ones for every character which reward you with the ornament maybe?

    Not sure if it would work well or not but just an idea so there would be more to work towards in the game 😁
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    -kill/execute a certain character x amount of times. prob the hardest challenge
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    So essentially, they're orders that span over a duration of, say, a week, and upon reaching the required target you unlock aesthetic upgrades? not a bad idea, however let's not have more patterns, symbols and colors locked behind requirements because there's already too many good colors, patterns, symbols and embossings locked behind rather high reputation levels which already require full dedication on one hero to reach them.

    Unlocking ornaments is a bit better, but even then, this suggests a "filler" of ornaments (which would probably mean that most of them would be garbage) because you're gonna have an ornament unlock for each order so that's like 30ish ornaments at least, per hero. I'd vote for quality over quantity any day.

    I'd say make these rewards be tangible rewards: Steel, XP, Salvage, crates. So these orders would reward you with Steel, or XP packs, or Salvage packs, or like 5 crates (or a mix of here and there). That way those who are unable to complete some order wouldn't feel missing out on a rather important cosmetic element, and those who bother to go the extra mile to fulfill these orders are rewarded with things that they can use for any hero they like.
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    Sorry this is late ,Yeah I dont want like you said nice visual customisations hidden behind stupid unlock requirements so I like you improvements on my idea man 👍just gives the game a bit more meat 😁
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