My opinions on some balancing after the latest patch (console player)

Berserker: pretty good except I don't know why you had to add a super fast light after a feint. This buff really was not needed especially with console speed.

Highlander: after the patch which increased his damage in offensive stance (was really needed) his kick grab mixup is too strong now. It's not even really a 50/50. It's more like you are just screwed if you didn't think to light attack quickly.

Shaman: with the changes to Parry she is even worse than she used to be. Her jumping heavies are way too fast and even if you manage to parry it you now only get a light (which for every other part of the game is fantastic (except for cent who still gets a heavy lol))

Kensei: again same as others. The soft feint off heavy is insanely fast. Imo should be slowed a bit. The zone might be a bit too fast also but that's par for the course. I like the bash off top heavy.

Lawbringer: I love lawbringer. Fun interesting character but please just remove the shove from block. It's dumb. If you want to speed it up from neutral or add a version after a light fine. But no reward should be given for blocking. The reward is you don't take full damage. He has some of the best parry punish moves in the game but still gets this dumb block shove. You took away conquerer heavy superior block for this exact reason. Please.

In my opinion if these are done the game will be almost perfect. Maybe a little buff to orochi, and add another combo string for warlord.

This is from a console players opinion.