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    Ultimate Morgan Freeman guide [Contains Spoilers]

    This guide is based on knowledge from my game mechanics guide here

    And, if not obvious. This is a GUIDE. It contains SPOILER!

    for search: South park the fractured but whole game mechanics guide, sptfbw, tfbw

    I use status as my main damage source. This way I don't have to rely on might at all.

    1. Conditions to challenge Morgan Freeman
    - Must be day.
    - Main Character must not be black!
    - A way to survive his first attack (time glitch or high HP).
    - Go behind the desk and punch him three times.

    2. When can Morgan Freeman be beaten
    That depends on the game day you are on, the difficulty you are playing and danger deck DLC DNA, but NOT!!! on might.

    HTML Code:
                        casual         heroic          mastermind         diabolic    
        beatable on    
        Day 1:            yes     so far only with DLC     with DLC            no
        Day 2-end:        yes            yes               yes              yes
    3. Fight phases
    There are three phases of this battle.
    The first phase will start with him going first and using his aoe fart attack, to wipe out your party. After that he will use one of his attacks per turn.
    The second phase starts, when his HP reaches 6999. At that point he will summon a fart minion, who gets the turn immediately, unless you used double-edge and have a turn left.
    The third phase starts at HP 3999. He gets two turns in a row.

    4. Attack patterns and counter tactics
    During the first and second phase, he will try to hit as many heroes as possible. That is why one should try to corner him, preferably at the top of the battlefield (easier that way). His physical attacks have a blind spot above and below him. If he is cornered and most of your party is above and below him, he won't hit them. The cornering hero should be someone, who can soak up damage to minimize reviving serum use. Heroes with Block like Super Craig or Call Girl, or Mysterion (more on that later).
    I advise you to let MF reach the second phase through status damage during his turn. This way he will summon the fart minion after his turn and the minion won't screw the cornering. The fart minion will try to either free MF or hit as many heroes as possible. When he gets his turn after MF, he is not much of a problem (see my videos on how to deal with him.)
    If MF is not enraged, I advise you again to let him reach the third phase through status damage during his turn. This way he will attack on his first turn and use charm on the second. Else he will use charm first, break free of the cornering and most probably kill you on his second turn.

    5. Cornering
    Cornering is the method to prevent a foe from moving on the battlefield by surrounding him. Unlike the slow status, which only reduce the move attribute by 1, cornering disables the foe completely. In SPtfbw every character can only move directly to adjacent squares, never to diagonal. If a square is blocked by a foe one cannot move across it. MF can break free of cornering by charming a hero, turning him to his side and then move across his square.

    6. Power setup
    On day 1 I prefer Double-Edge, Supersonic Dash (to get MF back into a corner), Hydro Helper (to get rid of charm) and Elemental Onslaught (to deal with the fart minion).

    7. Allies
    Never use Fast Pace or Tupperware! They have powers, which can teleport MF across the battlefield, if charmed.
    Aside from that you can use any one you like. I recommend two special ones.

    His Power to gross out foes, is the best in the game and with a high enough LVL and the right artifacts you can do over 700 damage with it. He is also one of the few heroes, who can move 3 squares. And he leeches life from foes.

    Mysterion can not die! He is the ultimate cornering hero. In his ghost form he cannot be attacked, charmed or knocked back, but he still blocks a square for foes. After getting access to him on day three, it is only possible to lose to MF, if you act stupid during battle.

    8. Conditions to beat Morgan Freeman on day 1
    On day one you can't use time glitch, so you have to survive his first attack. On casual this attack does 280, on heroic 560, on mastermind 700 and on diabolic 980 damage. For casual you have to craft artifacts that give you OR a team member (Craig has +20% of the main characters base HP) a total of 281 HP to survive his first attack. It does not matter who survives his attack as long it it anyone.
    On heroic it has to be 561 HP. Currently I say this is only possible if you have at least one golden artifact from DLC. You need to golden artifacts to reach above 560 HP. You can get one from beat MF on casual first. While MF can drop the golden taco at least twice, this has never happened to me in 40+ fights on casual. So you are one golden artifact short and need the DLC.
    As of now it is impossible to beat him on mastermind or diabolic on the first day, since you can't acquire artifacts/DNAs that give you 701 or more HP.

    9. Glitch
    There is a glitch, that sometimes makes your main character immune to MF's charm. It can happen when your main character is the target of his charm attack and you use timefart powers in the middle of his attack (while he is speaking). The immunity can last for several battles.

    10. Videos
    Here are some videos for the different approaches.
    First is how to beat him on casual on day 1.
    I know, I have the DLC DNA. But you can't unequip it and no of its traits is battle decisive (Craig has high enough HP for survival).
    Second is how to beat him on heroic on day 1.
    Third is how to beat him on diabolic on day 2.
    Fourth is the Mysterion trick and double-timefart-minion trick from my game mechanics guide.
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    With the new "Bring the Crunch" DLC it is possible to beat Freeman on mastermind on day 1. One has to unlock the new full powered "Sash of Ultimate Merit" artifact and the "Psychotic Episode" DNA. These two allow the main char to reach 709 HP and thus to survive Freeman's initial attack by 9 HP. Rest is like beating him on heroic on day 1.
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    Morgan can be KO'd with Final Vengeance. I think he has to be below 3,000 HP.

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