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    Should I buy the Switch version

    I pre-ordered this game on PC (Gold Edition)and enjoyed it. But I haven't finished due to real life.
    I just got a switch and saw the game on it. I'd love to play it with the switch because I can just lay down on my bed and play as if I'm watching an episode. However I have to re-buy it full price and as I looked around there seem to be bugs here and there.

    So, should I?
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    I personally would say no not fully cause of the bugs cause most of those are fixed but no cause you all ready have the complete game back on the pc and to buy on the switch is kind of pointless cause there isn’t more than the gold version on the pc well not much, me personally I really don’t feel like buying any new Ubisoft product for a while until they show for a while that they can probably test their games also would like if they do something to compensate their consumers who bought a game that made them loose all their save data basically, like free dlc and/or bring back all of those peoples save data maybe?
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    All of the bug issues made the switch version unplayable and i wonder who's fault that is looking at you Ubisoft.
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    i would definitely buy it on switch again just to be able to play it on the go
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    As a Switch player, I'd say no, not because of the console, because I love it, but because the Switch version it's just too unestable due to Ubisoft's latest patch messing up it's audio and music, and for what I have heard, it is causing some major crashes. This ruins the experience, turning something that should be fun into something really annoying.

    I would buy it on another console if I were you, or just wait until a patch that fixes the issues comes out, like I'm doing.
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    You should definitely wait for the bugs to be fixed first...
    Then use your discretion...

    If you're going to play the game a lot on the Switch, it's probably worth it...
    If not, then not...

    Only you can decide how much the game is worth to you...
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