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    Reinstalled Anno 2070 - why is it asking for activation key?

    After having reformatted my computer months ago, I got Anno 2205. Now I am played out on it and want to play 2070. Both games are showing on my UPlay account and in fact I downloaded 2070 from UPlay. The account name is correct and UPlay shows both games. Why is it even asking me for a key at all? I don't get this BS with any of the 110+ games I have on Steam, just Ubisoft BS. UPlay should automatically recognise that I am a legitimate owner of the game! As if I am going to remember a key from an email I got what...6 years ago? It's no wonder I have so few games from Ubisoft with all the BS people have to go through with this company.
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    Not only that but I had to download a freaking huge patch after having just downloaded the entire game from scratch via UPlay. What, they can't manage to update the primary download after 6 freaking years?
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    If you're playing it from Steam, it'll have the key on the Steam page. If not, well, you're out of luck. Welcome to Ubisoft/BlueBytes lovely DRM. At least you can activate your game more than 3 times in total now.
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    Been trying to re-activate an activation key since loading on a lap top, previously on a desk top. All our hardware is replaced every 3 years so once the game is loaded on one, you cant load again. Agree, this is total BS and noone at Ubi cares Have you been able to reinstall yet?
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    Same here - SSD went out with the operation system, I wrote to the support, 5 days waiting - nothing but the automatic confirmation of the ticket. Getting angry...
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    Your right

    my key keeps saying its invalid and i am unable to even load the game.
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    Hello AsteraWing, welcome to the forums! If you are still waiting for Support: If you private message me with your ticket number I will be happy to try to get a status on the case for you.

    ALL OTHERS: If for whatever your situation you need a new activation key you should contact Support, they can likely get you up and running again. You can reach out to Support for help here:

    If you would like to submit a Support Ticket for help you can do so here:

    You can also reach out to our Facebook and Twitter Support pages here:
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    I also had the same problems, had to download an offline autopatcher, and then it asked me for the key... anyway, it kept saying it was wrong, whether I put the base game key or the add-on.

    So here's the "fix" part. Right before sending a ticket, I tried one last attempt, and did the unthinkable: I put the code just like it was written, with the little - - - between each group of letters. And guess what, it worked. It freaking worked. We're so used to only write letters for serial key, ubi decided to pull a sneaky on us with this.
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    I can't run it after purchase from uPlay

    I just bought the game and can't run it! It's asking me for an activation key but i wasn't supplied one when I purchased last night from uPlay store.
    I've submitted a ticket.
    Am I missing something really obvious?
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    I had the same problem, PBS_FARKEMARP, and did the live chat. Maybe you already got an answer, but this helped me and could help others. "https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/Faqs/000025265/Locating-your-activation-key-in-Uplay-PC-UPC"
    "V G (3/16/2019, 7:32:59 PM): Hello. With this you should be able to find it with the steps listed here.

    1. Click your account name in the top right hand corner of the application
    2. From the menu, select “Account Information”
    3. Inside your “Account Information” page, select “My Games”
    4. Here you can see a list of the games you own on your account
    5. Find the game that you need and then select “Show Key”
    6. You can copy/paste the key using the buttons displayed and activate it in the Uplay client "
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