Im starting a new weekly trials youtube series.

The concept of the video series is basically a "best of" weekly montage for track central.

The goals of the series are...
1. To let lesser known tracks that get lost in the flood of uploads get the recognition they deserve.
2. Be a convenient and effecient way to quickly and easily get a preview of all the best tracks uploaded every week, without having to spend hours going through TC yourself.

It could be said that "Why dont people just go look at the top weekly trials feed in game?". Problem with that is, the upvote downvote system is clearly not flawless and results in several very good tracks getting "lost".

Of course, when it comes to where I draw the line for what is "good enough" to make it into the weekly recap it does get a bit subjective, but I will try to be as objective as possible. And for the tracks that are perhaps "on the line", I will get a second or 3rd opinion before I choose to cut it from the video.

In order for a track to make it into the recap here are the general criteria.
-No individual CP's
-If the track does not have a viewable replay by the time I go to make and edit the video then the track will be excluded (Mostly only affects ninja level 5+ which if they are good enough generally end up getting a full replay uploaded to some youtube channel anyways).
-Exceptions will be made to the very rare nice looking gigatrack.
-Visually the track must be what i would consider at least a 3/5.
-Unless the driving line is exceedingly "bad" for some reason, or has long "just hold gas" moments, the driving line will not be a factor generally

TL;DR The track needs to have decent effort and attention to detail put into it.

As of Episode 2 I will try to have each track clip be about 10-16 seconds and show at least 1 full cp.
For now there is no limit on how many tracks make it into the recap, if its good enough it makes it, a track wont get cut just because "there are too many this week". This is only possible for me because as of right now there are less than 500 tracks uploaded per week. If this number ever suddenly spiked to 1000+ I would have to consider adding a limit and making it a top 30/40/50 series.

I plan on keeping the series going as long as people seem interested and find value in it. It takes me about 8-10 hours throughout the week to put this kind of video together so if you do end up enjoying the videos and want to see more of them let me know. Like, comment, subscribe, let other people know, etc. If there isn't enough interest in this kind of series then ill stop. But for now I plan to keep it going for at least 2-3 months.