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    So this thread's anniversary is getting pretty close (wow). Should we throw a party in appreciation of Ubisoft's dedicated tech support who are trying their best to fix a minor issue over the course of an entire year? I'm positive they are working on it 24/7 to ensure maximum customer satisfaction so we just need to wait patiently guys. Maybe we can show our grand kids how awesome the 5th trait slot is when it finally gets unlocked for good in 2069. That's right, I anticipate the tech team to ONLY require roughly 51 years to fix this colossal issue. We're almost through 1 year, that's only 50 more to go.

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    So this is the day.
    One year since thread start.
    And nothing happened.
    Give me access to the code @Ubisoft and I'll fix it for you. For free. Deal?
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    It's fixed!
    I dun know waz going on, the 5th slot is unlocked. What I did yesterday was uninstalled the game which was a steam version and installed another uplay version. While I was installing the uplay version game, several warning windows popped out said some files were corrupped. I just ignored them and keep installing. Then runned game and checked the traits, THE 5TH SLOT WAS UNLOCKED.
    I hope my experience can help you.
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    EDIT: I can't believe it but right now everything is working fine.

    I'm not really sure what you are talking about. I have the steam version of this game and as far as I could figure it out, I can't install nor uninstall without using Steam. Re-Installing won't fix anything generally speaking. And if you mean I should get myself an additional UPlay Account with an additional copy of this game, just to get this bug fixed, then hell nah. That's not gonna happen.
    Also don't get me wrong but your approach sounds nothing like "it's fixed" but more like "I somehow luckily glitched to an unlock that works only for me specifically".
    So congrats to you for having the 5th dynasty trait, but I can't reproduce your approach or achieve this for myself.
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    This issue has surfaced yet again (5th Dynasty trait re-locked).
    Any Ubisoft employee or advocate reading this should know that Ubisoft's lack of and even resistance to address this issue is doing serious damage to the company's reputation.
    For details about the most likely already known and ignored cause of this issue see other posts on this tread and a similar one on the Steam forums.
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    So it seems my post still holds true, we're approaching the year and a half threshold (which is mind boggling to me). I start feeling like this issue was never addressed in the first place and its fix to have only been coincidental.
    Is it okay to ask you not to completely murder the existing fan base? *sigh* I just suggested the game to a friend to purchase so we can have a game together and this is what I'm greeted with.
    This is just thoroughly disappointing and frustrating to say the least...
    The franchise is (or perhaps was is more appropriate) a masterpiece and it's a shame to see it in this state. Just my 2 cents...
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    Hi Guys, please have a read here https://ubi.li/QYp8c
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