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    Anno 2070

    Anno 2070 can't login!
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    Same problem here
    still can't log in
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    ANNO 2070 "An unknown error has occured"

    I understand that your server crap out sometimes, you probably have massive server loads and its understandable for crashes to happen. That being said, it happens a lot for Uplay, like way more than any other DRM out today. Thats besides the point however.

    My point: let us play our singleplayer games offline! Anno 2070 won't even get past the login screen and throws the most un-descriptive error I've ever seen in a piece of software.


    Why do we need to be at the whims of Uplay servers when playing a SINGLE PLAYER OFFLINE GAME? Its honestly infuriating that I can't even play a game I own, that I bought for full price 6 years ago, because of your server issues. Not my problem!

    PS This thread says [RESOLVED]. Are you sure? There are still people posting here with related issues.
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    This is not solved. Can't login... ubisoft showing how good they are again.
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    Hey guys can you PLEASE fix Anno 2070? Cannot connect / error on login attempt even though correct login details!
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    "An unknown error has occured"

    Anno 2070 can't get past the "An unknown error has occured" message!
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    3 Years ago...

    3 Years ago, i bought Anno2070 and now, after so long time, i wanna play the singleplayer aaaaaaaand the loginserver or something is down -.-

    Same Error ! Can´t login.....
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    Hello everyone! For those having trouble connecting to the Anno servers and getting "unknown error" occurrences there is an update on the situation posted here:

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    Can we get an ETA at least

    i have very little time off work and am dozens of hours into a game in which i need to build 5000 inhabitants of each type. i know this doesnt mean anything to you however after all that work not being able to finish it torture!
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    It's been three days now and I still can't pass the "Unknown error" message. The Settlers 7 doesn't start either.
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