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    Queuing in a group on PS4

    Love the game! Bought it for my boyfriend this week, and am introducing it to him tonight. The last few days I've been having really great experiences just hitting quick match and getting into a game within one or two tries.

    I really want his first experience to be painless, though. Is it better to try and start our own room together so we can play, or is there a way for us to queue as a party in PSN and get into the same game through quick match? It seems like every game has a different process for their lobbies, and I'd like to know WW's in advance.
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    Hey Kakum!

    If you'd like to group together with your boyfriend (so awesome that you're playing together!) you can press "Start Server" in the book, then invite him from the next menu that should pop up. Once he joins, you can click on "Open Game" also in the book and others will be able to join your game

    Have fun!
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    Ok, thank you so much! I saw you on Amored stream earlier, btw! Great to see the devs so passionate about the game.
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    45 minutes, no one has joined us . Think we're going to have to give up.
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    Hey I wonder do you still want to play a game as I'm up for it now
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