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    I’m also looking for social chests on the OG PS3. Add me as well so we can get 100% !
    ID: Coco-kun11
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    I recently started a new game and need to social chests again. I've had several white whales and a few convoys show up, but not a single social chest so far. Have sent invites on uplay to thouse on this thread. Feel free to send me one, if you are still playing. PSN, uPlay: Pink-Moonlight
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    On PS4 need locations

    Trying to obtain these chests especially the governors outfit. Can anyone assist on PS4? Add me please wallygator-215
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    Add me pls. Mike_120188
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    Also looking for help

    Hey I'm currently replaying Black Flag and need some White Whales and chests. Add me on PSN? Ri0TReC0il
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    Social chests help

    Can anyone please add me to uplay or Xbox friends list I need help find the last two social chests and share there location Dav3uk1986 thanks
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    Currently playing on PS4

    Add me, PSN: Entity37
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    Help finding social events

    Add me on Uplay juanimery or Xbox Juan Imery need help finding social events
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