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    Social Chest

    Time of finding
    02:35 (GMT+2)

    575, 720
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    Regarding Social Chests

    So, I've added a dozen or so people to my friendslist, and I've found three chests in less than 24 hours

    Yeah, adding friends definitely works XD
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    Edit of a typo:

    29/07/2019, and not 28/07/2019
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    Social chests?

    Anyone find any new social chests? I have played for 48hrs and only have one. Also does it matter what platform it’s reported on?
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    Locopells's Avatar Moderator
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    Just keep playing - they do still show up, but when you least expect it and not as often as the whales and convoys. I think the platform may matter, yes, since I believe they have different severs.
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    Anyone on ps4 still trying to complete the social events?
    Please add me! I play a lot of black flag at the moment and I'm trying to find the social chests.
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    Going through the campaign now. Add me and I'll share any I find here
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    New Chest

    A social chest in 669, 831 GMT +7 (Latin America)
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    Also, right now i'm looking for social chest, is the only thing i need to finish the game, if someone wants to add do it e.e
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    I also need to collect social chests.
    If you want to add me..my nickname ist Finnyael
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