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    Union Update: Island creation contest

    Hello Annoholics,

    We kick off our official Union island creation contest today and we are looking for your interesting takes on the Anno island formula. The best entries get the chance to become something truly special, as we will put the best maps up for a vote on the Anno Union and the winning island shape will get implemented into the game.

    Here are the details:
    - The deadline for the contest is Thursday, February 15th and you can post your entry here at this Topic
    - You design your own island shape, you can either do it digitally or send us a scan of your drawn image. - Your island should be a clearly visible island shape shown in top down view.
    - Your shape should include terrain elements such as mountains and hills as well as marked spaces for beaches. Keep in mind: if something is not marked as a beach, it is counted as a cliff-side.
    - Finally , but very importantly, add interesting details and obstacles. We are curious about your interesting ideas but make sure that things do not get too crazy.
    - A picture of your island is mandatory but you can post a short description and the gameplay ideas behind your concept in the forum as well.



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    Since no-one started yet... here is my go on the island:

    This is my island design, I'd love to have the harbour in that enclosed area... Just cozz... Why not?

    I also thought of two "rivers", because I have barely seen that, and it allows the island to have an interesting shape. Also the shape is for the people which like to struggle with design, this lay-out allows for really interesting cities

    Hope u like my idea ♥

    Regular building space/forest
    harbour area/beach
    Island shape

    The grey line around the island is what I used to be able to color massive area's of the island in one go. You can find it also in place where I coloured the smaller area's, this is to be ignored
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    An enclosed harbour sounds like a really cool idea!
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    My island

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    Here is my little contribution ^^

    A medium sized island with mountain, and a smaller island below. An old stone bridge link the two island, and there is some ruins on the smaller isand, but nobody knows who was here before :/ A little pebble beach is set to the left of the little island

    (dark contour indicate where the ground is higher)
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    that's my island ;)

    this is my island and it should be a very big island to allow the construction of a train line... and the two montain lake are the perfect place for some pretty dam
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    My island idea

    The main feature of this medium sized island is that it has a large lake fed by several rivers, that is big enough to have a buildable coastline and sustain fish. I think this could add a unique dynamic, as although space is limited on the island, the inner lake can allow someone to sustain a simple population even if all their fishing huts on the outer coastline are destroyed as a consequence of war.

    If there are other resources, like lobsters (lobsters can exist in fresh water) from 2070, the lake may also be a source of that resource/foodstuff as well.
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    This will be mine idea of a big main isle :

    I don't know of entering harbors can be divined on deferent beaches, but if then only on the orange parts, the light gray lines are mountain-banks and the dark gray are mine spots
    the light blue are rivers.

    The intention of this isle is to make a big city with panty recourses on mountain-sides but lower on the ground wise , like only Cider and Hemp (The first 2 stages or till they can build ships). and a free spot
    The yellow beaches are only for fishing huts and defense systems.
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    GREEN: Building Areas
    GREY: Mountains
    YELLOW: Beaches
    BLUE: Water
    ARROWS: Hill

    This is my island for the contest! I´m sure a lot can be improved but I really like the idea of having an elevated area next to a mountain lake and a waterfall, overlooking the city. A perfect spot to build a nice palace or a cool urban area. I was trying to make a hill that is not too tilted, so it can still be used as a building area. I hope you like it!
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