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    Still have not received The Jackal scepter

    I have logged back in to check and have not received it. I accepted the reward during the event week and still have nothing. I already had the Sunslayer sword, but received nothing for this challenge.
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    Me either.....
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    I have not received it either. I clicked collect and now the challenge is gone from the list so I can't collect again but I never received the weapon in my inventory.
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    Is it possible to get someone from Ubisoft in on this? I don't want to accept the new challenge when it's complete in case it overwrites my rewards.
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    Is no ubi rep going to help with this

    Where else do i contact them I'm really losing faith is ubisoft I've been waiting almost a no th for this and I got nothing I got the shield the first time but after that nothing what's going on!
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    ubi--unicorn's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey guys, if you are missing this try going to Siwa and see if it helps. If it doesn't, please create a ticket. Thanks!
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