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    Ubisoft Club app on Xbox just stay on first screen

    Hi guys,

    The Ubisoft Club app on Xbox just stay on first screen, never load. I cant play anything.

    If you look on app ratings, you will see this a common problem, lots of people complaining.

    Can you fix it?

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    Ubi-KitKoumal's Avatar Community Manager
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    Hey there Lundeco,

    Have you tried maybe to reach out to our support to get some technical help maybe?

    You can contact them just here.


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    yes, i tried, but they always reply with automatic answers, nothing useful.

    its a issue with lots of people. its impossible that Ubisoft dont know about. Just see the app ratings on Microsoft Store: at least 50 people with the same problem, starting on november, and nothing was done about.
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