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    Hi, I hope I'm posting this in the right place.

    I purchased the Humble Might & Magic Bundle few years ago and activated them on Uplay but never got around to installing them. I was installing the games today and when I got to Hammers of Fate it kept telling me "Cannot install Heroes of Might & Magic V: Hammers of Fate. Original game not found." when it was, and fully playable. I tried searching the internet but I couldn't really find a solution. If I could get some help with this I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you!
    Same problem here!!!! AND UBISOFT ARENT ADRESSING IT!!!
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    Seriously LOL

    It's the bloody end of 2020 and it's still not fixed LOL

    I found this thread while looking for a way to install my HOF HAHA

    Good work UBISOFT! Keep going like this and you will be gone!

    BTW I have exactly the same problem!!!
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    I got my issue fixed, but I had to do what Kaefigseele suggested in post #55. I contacted Ubisoft support, and after a couple of back and forth messages, they added HoF to my copy of HoMM5 as a DLC, rather than as a separate product. Next, I had to let the DLC download. Then I launched hof_launcher in my HoMM5 directory to add the necessary registry keys. The game works fine now.
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    Fix it?

    Hey Ubisoft are you gonna fix my game now, or do I have to contact you like all the others?
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    can you provide us with the registry?
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    I may of fixed it, I don't really know

    If you go to the HoMM5 folder in your hard drive there would be a app called Hof_launcher, simply click on that and it creates the registry and files needed to play the game. Took me the best part of 1 hour bashing my head against a wall and resurrecting Albert Einstein to figure it out.
    Honestly surprised Ubisoft hasn't made the game do this on launch like most other games but whatever I guess
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    I'm bumping this thread, have the same problem, can't contact support, because it doesn't accept emails, because of covid (wtf?) and chat is not available. I need my Hammers of Fate key added to base Heroes V.
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    Hello there!

    Prinz-Shino - Thanks for sharing how you were able to resolve the issue. If you encounter any further trouble, please don't hesitate to reach out!

    bias6969 - I'm sorry to hear you've had trouble opening a support ticket. Did you check your regional opening times before starting a live chat? It may be that they were closed at the time you tried to contact us. You can also open a support ticket via Twitter and Facebook.

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    Sorry but how am I supposed to contact Ubisoft Support? A message say that I have to find another way to contact them due Covid-19 restriction. I want to try post #55 solution but how? I can't even contact them.
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    thanks for the help Kaefigseele. I just recently bought all three games and from the get go hammers of fate was regarded as a dlc rather than a seperate game, so i just had to download and install the main games just like you said. Problem was it wouldn't accept my player profile, options change and i couldn't read the campaign texts, no text just a blank scroll in the campaign selection. Did as you said and went into the local folder, ran the game from there and bam. No I can play properly even launching in uplay. So again thanks a lot Kaefigseele
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