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    Originally Posted by whatthe45 Go to original post
    not sure what happened with my previous post, but I was banned as well.
    Hello whatthe45,

    Have you tried contacting our support team? They will be happy to help.
    I am also passing your request along to our team.
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    (Already solved lol)
    I am guessing from size of this thread this is a common occurrence. I do not even know the game well, i played it quite a bit near release, and then never had an android for ages. I just got an android, logged in and am told i am banned for cheating. I have never cheated at the game ever, and i only ever download it from the store!
    How come I am banned then?
    (at this point before posting a full on rant, i tried something)
    So, it turns out because i moved main data to SD card it tripped that warning. I only used the basic AppMig ii pro, so no mad partitioning or mounting, still it trips the cheat warning.
    Reinstalled into phone as normal, without moving this time and i am all logged i with no cheat warning.
    Leaving this here as a possible solution to some noob like me.
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    I JUST DID THIS. Yes, moving the storage to external did the same to me. But all my progress got wiped, still.
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