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    Dear Steep Devs

    I have been a huge fan of the game and it’s been incredible , you have the red bull franchise any trick you can think of . But one thing that I felt like was missing were avalanches. With a snow based game and already snow nailed down throw in a bit more tumble add some smoke or snow dust and make it so we can be like all thoes redbull hero’s . It would also help with all the other games in the industry doing in game events like fortnite and gta , sorry to name the competition but I think this would bring a lot more volume into the game . Imagine skiing or snowboarding or being funny and taking the sled or enjoying the view from your rocket wing suit, taking sweet photos jumping over the avalanche, or even creating one yourself. If you’re all the way down here seriously you’re a legend 🥵🤙🏼 And maybe change the lakes so once you go so far the ice cracks and you fall in . Love you guys keep up the good work
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    Avalanches and "search" games as rescue practices should be great to get close to realism

    New ski areas¿? Pyrenees!!!! with Pic du Midi / Gavarnie / Mont Perdú (Monte Perdido) / Aneto / Pica d'Estats / Cataperdís & Tristaina area (Andorra).

    Add Ice Climbing!

    Last One... add "design your skis/snow" option... want to ride with something like the ones I use
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    Menus - Leaderboards - Friends Score Boards

    The current leaderboards need to be more efficient. I would like to see a configuration where I can go to my menu, bring up a page that shows all events of a certain discipline, and be able to see next to each event an icon that represents the title I currently hold on that event. If I am weekly best, then I can see that icon against that challenge inside the menu. At the moment I have to (slowly) navigate the menu to an event, go to it, and load up that event's map-based Leaderboard data. This is much too cumbersome and slow. Please let me see the Leaderboard information from within the menu itself. I don't mind waiting for the information to appear, but to have to individually (slowly) navigate through screens, select an event, go to that event, to inspect that leaderboard, repeating over and over to check which titles you hold is very time-consuming. It would be so much easier to be able to see all the data in one place.

    Friend's leaderboards are inadequate - please let me see all my friends, in one list, with their scores ranked from top to bottom. I can only see the top scores, yet your game has all the data for everyone's scores on everything, so why not present it so we can see how our friends are doing. I think you have not yet utilized the potential of leaderboards, please let us see the entire leaderboard list for our Friends Leaderboard.
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    Local Co-op

    Local Co-op Please !
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    Hello Devs and Players!

    Hey there devs and players! So far, my experience with the game has been great, there’s just one thing, the alternate grabs. Instead of doing a melon, for example, you can use the right stick to modify the grab, but the right stick is ALSO the stick for flips (tamedogs, wildcats). So I find it extremely hard to pull off these alternate grabs, because if I want to JUST modify a grab, I end up doing a flip as well. But besides that, game is really fun, that one little thing is a bit annoying though. Keep up the good work, and see you in the mountains!
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