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    Cannot Equip Patches


    Prior to Update 1.8, the following Commendations rewarded players with placeholder patches:

    • "Face Time" Commendation
    • "Last Stand Revival" Commendation

    Those placeholders have been replaced with the following patches in 1.8:

    • Flaming Skull Patch - "Face Time"
    • Salvagent Patch - "Last Stand Revival"

    If you completed any of these Commendations and cannot equip the respective patches, please provide the following so we can manually grant the patches to your account:

    • Username: (Uplay ID, Xbox Gamertag, PSN ID)
    • Platform
    • Missing Patch
    • Screenshot of the completed Commendation associated with the missing patch

    Note: Players can find the granted patches at the Rewards Claim Vendor.

    We ask that everyone is patient with us throughout the process and we apologize for any inconvenience.

    /The Division Dev Team

    *Update* Greetings Agents, I have closed this thread as our team in Customer Support are more than willing to help manually grant the patches that users were not able to equip to the respective accounts. -UbiFrostX
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    Richard.Deckard on PC patch missing: Flaming Skull (face time commendation)
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    DEVilsRejecTttt on XBOX ONE. Flaming skull patch. (Face time commendation.)[IMG]WP_20180112_15_54_23_Pro.jpg[/IMG]
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    Gamertag: ixi Annihilator
    Platform: Xbox One
    Commendation: Face Time
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    Id : Neumeusis
    Platform : PC

    Patch : Salvagent Patch

    Thanks !
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    How do you add the screenshot???
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    Face Time Patch not showing to equip

    Gamertag: xXAuburnMattXx Platform:PS4 [IMG][/IMG]
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    Ibustzones, Playstation 4, Flaming Skulls.
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    The Dark Zone
    • Username: NOTR083R73H
    • Platform: PS4
    • Missing Patch: Face Time | Last Stand Revival
    • Screenshot of the completed Commendation associated with the missing patch:



    Thanks in advance.
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    Dothan, Alabama, USA
    PSN ID: Glockwookie
    Platform: PS4
    Missing Patch: Face Time

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