As a member of this forum, you benefit from playing a first-row role in Sam’s development, you’re part of our team.

How can I participate in this project?

Each week, our team will parse the forum for suggestions to broaden Sam’s range of topics and depth of knowledge. We consider many aspects during this evaluation, but we’ll pay close attention to the following points:

1. A suggestion’s feasibility
2. Its complexity
3. Its popularity in the community (use the ''like'' button to let us know that you support someone else's ideas)


If your suggestion or your bug report is selected, your thread will be moved to the ’’Suggestion- Will be added’’ / ''Will be Fixed'' sub-forum. The thread will be closed once integrated into Sam and be moved to ‘’Resolved''. You’ll then hear about the realization of your idea in the patch notes.

Should your idea not be retained, we’ll explain why and move it to ‘’Suggestion – Won’t be added’’. This will ensure that we keep track of everything that was suggested and allow you to be aware of our constraints when evaluating new suggestions.

We are thrilled to make Sam smarter and better with you!