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    Connectivity Degredation X1

    What is up with the lag recently on X1. Iím landing light, feint heavy gb and getting knocked down from revenge from the light I did 2 seconds prior. Every light hits only to be blocked 200ms later. Now this doesnít happen every time but recently it feels like it happens 50 percent of the time.

    Is the matchmaking so bad now Iím getting matched up with people from a different planet. This game might have a population but there are only 1000 people on at a time. I play the same people all the time.

    Donít buy this game. Save your nerves. Fun but the most frustrating game on the planet mainly due to things out of my control.
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    I'll have them take a look to see if there are any new issues currently on Xbox. We did have some downtime this past weekend, but that should be cleared up right now. Lets see what we can come up with.
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    For me it have also felt real laggy on ps4 this last two days. Even if the other player has green NAT.
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    Its currently unplayeble for me on ps4 with this lag.
    I rather have it unstable.
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    PVP Dominion and Tribute are unplayable for me completely right now and have been bad for a long time. I haven't even been able to access Ubisoft support or sign in here for a few days.... sticking to PvAI because I cam actually finish a round. The only time I have come close to finishing a PvP Dom game in a few days it will kick me right at the finish of round before it closes and awards points. Very frustrating.

    Error codes

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