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    Extra Rally ticket Ads not giving extra tickets!!!

    on iOS when i watch the Ads to get extra rally tickets i am not receiving any extra tickets.
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    Same for me!....but the developers of the game don't give a **** about it and wont do anything to fix it!
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    Hi royals816 & darrenpaul10696 , We ran a script to compensate you today. Please note to select “Server Save” option once the save prompt appears.

    We’re sorry for the trouble. We’ve fixed the issue and Ticket refills should work as intended now

    Thank you for your patience!
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    Same here. Starting with the current leg, in total today I have watched 4 ads offering 3 tickets and 3 ads offering 2 tickets and have received none.
    In some cases the game freezes after an ad is done and I have to close and reopen, while other times the ad closes normally after it has finished but I just don’t get any tickets.

    I am on iOS 11.2.2 and this is not the first time I have posted about not receiving rewards.
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    No extra tickets

    Same here, not giving extra tickets for watching ads. It worked perfectly up to this last leg. Now if either freezes or does nothing after watching the videos
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    Same here - watched 6 ads, they either don’t give you tickets or crash the game when th ad is finished.
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    Ads dont work at all!..havent worked in for ages. Watching an ad to receive a free gem or a fee ticket of which we can do 3 of each a day DOES NOT WORK!!.....watch the ad and nothing. Every day. Either fix it or remove it from the game. Its beyond ridiculous how long this has gone on for.....you guys do nothing to fix this.....NOTHING!!
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    Getting gems and tickets for watching ads has been broken for at least a year. Stopped doing that quite a while ago once I realized it was broken (usually the game crashes after the ad completes or you just don't get the reward).
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