Hi Ubisoft folks,

I picked up this game recently during one of the holiday sales and I've been really enjoying it. Whenever I play a new game I generally just pick the 'medium' difficulty and hit start, figuring I could make changes later if I was inaccurately gauging my city-building aptitude.

I am finding, however, that the pirate invasions that this enables get very tedious by mid-game. They don't appear to scale with my military at all and they also come more frequently than I'd like. It's much like swatting at flies! I suppose I wouldn't mind if I got a rare but challenging battle thrown at me, but 'frequent & easy' really becomes bothersome.

Upon reading that this option was buried in the advanced difficulty options through others' forum posts, I went and noted where this was changed for a new corporation, but apparently this can't be disabled for an existing corporation.

I'm about 12 hours in and I am not keen on starting over, but I'm also not fond of the idea of swatting pirate flies every hour for the rest of this particular playthrough. I will certainly know not to enable them next time, but until then I'd really like some way to disable these guys.

Thanks much!