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    Upcoming Change to Fusion Multiplayer Seasons

    Hi Riders,

    With the New Year now here, we’re going to be looking to make a small change to how Seasons work in Fusion’s multiplayer. Currently, you must complete 20 matches in order to be ranked in the Season. Given the current length of the Seasons, many players are unable to meet this threshold and are not included in the ranking. We’re aiming to extend the overall length of Seasons to 3 months, allowing more players to have more time to compete.

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    Now MP is gonna die out totally. The problem is less people playing, a month is PLENTY of time to do 20 matches. Most people get their 20 matches in and stop anyway. Oh well, time to move on as much as i hate to say it.
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    No please dont do this. Its fine how it is. I respect that your all hopefully working on a new project and updating fusion MP every month is a pain in the arse but monthly is fine.
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    they wont even add new tracks, MP is getting worse with everything they do, What was one of the last fun parts of trials is pointless now, More people have been playing MP and yet they say people dont have enough time to do 20 matches? really? takes 2 hours play time tops. To reset MP takes about 5 minutes of their time.
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    And this is what caused MP do decline so quickly.
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    the better, and exact opposite option, should be to put the ranking to 50 matches every month, that'd make people play more ... you guys should talk to us players who know the game inside-out when making a choice like this ... not tryin to be a dik , but talk to the actual hardcore grinders for opinions ....
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    Unfortunately I have to agree - this change does not fix anything and will only make me play MP even less. Even though I understand the intention, since I often struggled to complete 20 matches and wouldn't even bother trying to complete 50.
    But the actual reasons are:

    1. Already had to play up to 50 matches to make 20 matches count. Additional 10 remaining stuck on the podium screen with no scoreboard appearing (may count for score but does not reduce the match counter), another 10 having me lose connection after 2-3 tracks, another 10 where the game froze at some point... (speaking about Xbox One experience btw)
    2. Some months had like what... 10 days you could actually play, 10 days with no working matchmaking, 10 days with no Uplay connection at all... some numbers may be exaggerated, but I don't keep statistics and that's what it felt like.
    3. Usually no motivation to play more than 2 matches in a row, either because of problem #1, or the problem Lionden illustrated here https://imgur.com/a/Ea9Oo (the longer and better you play in a season, the more likely it is to get negative score even for winning... and yes, I have read and understood Fred's explanation of the scoring, but it still feels like being penalized for playing more), or just being annoyed by the tracks, particularly those optimized for mindless Panda-racing rather than normal Trials gameplay...
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    as usual, no replys from the bosses. Input doesnt seem to do any good. One month seasons was working just fine, dont know who the FEW people that said they needed more time to do 20 matches were but they were listened to, not the hard core MP players.
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