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    Upcoming Change to Fusion Multiplayer Seasons

    Hi Riders,

    With the New Year now here, we’re going to be looking to make a small change to how Seasons work in Fusion’s multiplayer. Currently, you must complete 20 matches in order to be ranked in the Season. Given the current length of the Seasons, many players are unable to meet this threshold and are not included in the ranking. We’re aiming to extend the overall length of Seasons to 3 months, allowing more players to have more time to compete.
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    i just bought fusion, i need to play more seasons to earn acorn fast, if u increase it to 3 months itll take a long time to earn them and nowadays player activity is localised to a few days.atleast reduce it to 2 months next time around.

    also how does the acorn system works, i saw that the dapper outfit costs 1995 acorns per piece., or is that for the whole outfit. if that is the case earning 6000 acorns will take more than a year through the online multiplayer season alone. also there are no more acorn tournaments. i bought this game cause i loved it even after 3 years of its release . fix it plz
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    MP players have dropped in half since it went to 3 months per season. 1 month seasons had a lot more players, this was a bad idea.
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