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    Looking for friends for online coop in Bad Blood DLC

    I tired to find session several times but there's no one.

    I wanna play Online Street Sweep and get the achievement.

    Please add me Thanks!
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    Hey, i'd be down to play. Sent you a friend request. I haven't explored any of the DLC yet as I just got it recently. Hmu. If anything it'd be nice to have someone to run coop missions with.
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    Oh finally someone! Yes I'd like help for that achievement too! Adding you both.
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    i need it

    I still need to complete 10 street sweeper coop
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    Me too! I tried with a friend today but each time i try to join him, it gives me the error "Session no longer available".
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    Street Sweep Missions

    I'm still looking for group! Someone help me, please!
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    add me i am a dialy player
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    me too uplay: Vianamel_
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    Hey my Uplay is Fudz4. I need both Tag Team and Traced, I tried my luck on the steam forums but unfortunately one of the guys there I cant join as I get the error 'session no longer available' which is strange.
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    Street Sweep Again

    Is there still someone trying? My user is JamesMal0ney, I can't find anyone online
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