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    Ideas for For Honor (But not complaints)

    1. With the winter event in For Honor, i was looking forward to some ice weapons and armor. (Weapons and armor carved out of just ice.) I think i would be an AWESOME thing to add, this year or maybe next year. Also a Santa Claus hat as an ornament would be nice... but i can understand why you wouldn't put that in the game. All other "Christmas-y" ideas would be fun but like i said i understand why you have not done so.
    2. Adding some MORE characters. I love the game and almost all the characters so i just want MORE! Like a monk, some guy (preferably old) with like a staff, i think he would be an assassin class. Adding any mythical warriors would be AWESOME but i understand if you want to keep it realistic. A amazon woman would be nice, it would be like a mix of the shaman and the aramusha. Also like a woodsman would be cool. Some crazy like caveman who only uses his hands would be interesting.
    3. Making every character have both genders. simply because i'm really into RP (role play) and the peacekeeper would fit one of my RP's perfectly if she was a guy.
    4. Add a custom colors thing. where instead of equipping one you could make you own, but you had to unlock colors before you could use them.
    5. Just new emotes. Meditation. that one move the warden does after the "moment of silence" execution would be i nice emote by itself. A better more complex sword twirl/ weapon trick. just more basically. I love the snowball one coming up!
    6. Dual emotes. I mentioned loving the snowball emote. i like it because it is interactive with another player, so more emotes like that (work with two people) would be nice. So you could fist bump after a brawl match, or high five, or a meaningful bro hug, etc. A handshake emote would be nice to honorably start a duel. how i imagine them working is: one player would begin a emote. which would then put a icon above that player (hold Y or press Y) then the other player could complete the emote by walking withen range and press the appropriate button. much like a revive.

    that's really all i have for now.
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    Hello Zorvc, Thanks for sharing the feedback. Good ideas here. Some that others have mentioned and some unique. We'll do what we can to continue pushing some solid content out to you all. Thanks and welcome to the forums!
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    I second the idea of dual emotes, not bad at all, though just not sure how it could get implemented.
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