The awesome people over at took it upon themselves to maintain the online experience of the game and build a community around it, a journey that started in 2015. Their efforts and passion have inspired us to give back to you, the community, and what better time to do so. World in Conflict is currently free until December 23rd, head over to to redeem it now.

To continue the holiday celebration we are extremely excited to go one step further and share the open source for Massgate in the link below!

Note that this is not the game, but rather the backend that will allow you to recreate the online multiplayer.

This was also a perfect opportunity to sit down with Johan Oldbring, one of the veterans of Massive Entertainment, to talk about what working on the game was like back then, his role in it all, and how excited he is to see so many players get their hands on the game. Listen to the full podcast below!

Have a great holiday from all of us at Ubisoft!