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    Uplay PC Client - November 29th Update

    Hello everyone,

    We have deployed an update today with a few bug fixes.

    Changes in this release
    • The "Play" button on game pages will now say "Update" if an update is available and the game did not meet the auto-patching criteria (played recently or auto-patching disabled)

    Bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue where you would not be able to see your status while in a group
    • Fixed a localization issue for Swedish language
    • Fixed an issue where there was no tool-tip when selecting a badge on your User Card

    As always, if you encounter any issues or have any feedback, please let us know!

    /Uplay PC Team
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    -Are you working on fixing the multiple chat windows in the taskbar?

    -Will you bring back the Categories for the Club Challenges?

    -Will the Stats of the older games from the Club website return? (AC Unity and older).

    -Are you working on a Gift option for the Uplay shop? Or "Get cd-key" option instead of Direct Entitlement.

    Regarding the Direct Entitlement, I've seen people buying DLCs for older games, like AC 3, where you need to activate the keys in-game too. But since Uplay doesn't give keys anymore, the DLCs won't work, even if Uplay downloads them. And they have to contact Support to give them keys. Fix this please. Uplay should know when to give keys. Because I don't think they'll patch all the old games to work the new way of Direct Entitlement.
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