Patch Notes – Update 2.1

We continue to improve the game and listen to your feedback. Here is a list of changes and additions for Update 2.1.

• Revamped Coin Regeneration System

o Free coins are now generated automatically over time to a capped amount rather than earned through playing.
o Players receive a notification once their coins have reached the capped amount.
o “Free Song” category has been removed since coins are now granted for free.

• Increased Emphasis on Players’ Level and XP

o Experience system simplified into a global level.
o XP earned now directly increases global level, instead of song level.

• Mandatory ads replaced with rewarded videos
o You can now choose to watch an ad to earn additional coins.
o These videos can be found in the “Coins” section of the shop.
o There is a daily limit to how many ads can be watched.

• Visual design
o The coverflow header, footer, and score recap screens have been adapted to fit the coin regeneration system.
o Polished song tiles’ look and feel

• Easier avatar unlock

o Avatars can now be unlocked by earning 3 stars or more on a song

• Faster Start-Up

o Game boots 30% faster.

Thank you for your continued support,

-Your Just Dance Team