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    No Polish language

    I buy game in uk and I dont have have a Polish language. It's possible to get this language In a different way? Please make some patch with language packs. It's not just me I've got a lot of people with that problem.
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    Ubi-Keo's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    The game comes with several languages already installed on the disc, however you can download additional language packs for the game.

    Please check this FAQ for more information.
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    It doesn't work. I don't have option to download other languages apart of Russian. How I can download Polish one?
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    Sorry to hear you are unable to select your preferred language.

    If possible could you contact us with an image showing these languages are not available and also confirm whether this is a physical or digital copy of the game.

    Also, if this is a physical copy, could you also provide an image showing the back of the game box.
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