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    Excellent re-use of content and remind us where other games are. When i am not playing Assassins Creed.. i go right to WarFrame. I'll be sure to go to Ghosts of Tsushima when i get a chance.. (when it comes out) Great to see some old school FF players out there still .
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    Problem: "a gift from the gods" quest

    The green icon in Giza from the quest "a gift from the gods" isn't showing up on my map and even when I walk to the spot where the quest is supposed to be nothing happens.
    Could someone help me, because I really have no idea what to do. Btw I'm level 40 and completed the main story.
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    According to a Twitter post, this quest has now been reactivated. The question that arises now is the following. How long will she be available this time? Another year or permanent? Or is the permanent status not possible?

    I would appreciate an answer.
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    I started a NG+ of Origins recently, and yes, I saw the quest on my map. I'm really glad hehe I hope it will be there permanently this time!
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