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    Is it worth re-installing almost after a year?

    I played the first month of February then I got pis*ed off and i unistalled it. I felt sad because the combat system is the best combat system I have ever experienced. I liked it. But the constants disconnects and the exploits that the game had destroyed the immersion. How has For Honor improved? Is it a dead game? Can I find match easily? Is the combat still expoitable? Thanks for your time
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    In terms of disconnects, they have gotten better and some people claim they rarely disconnect but for others they are still very much an issue. However, over this past weekend, the devs did an open test for dedicated servers and so far as it went when I played they went pretty well, so hopefully that is something that goes live in the main game soon and if disconnects are your issue it might be worth keeping an eye out for when that happens.

    If you go here https://forhonor.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/open-test/ there are still 15 hours on the test, though bear in mind it is a 20gb download so depends on your connection speed and.that we don't know when this goes live fully.
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    Yes and no here are some reasons why.

    Light spam is still a thing on console and they released a character that is based around light spam.

    The light spam is still reactable but assasin characters are getting stunlocked to death.

    Old characters are being left behind but some are getting a rework. For example if i play raider i need to work way harder or i can play shaman/aramusha and i can win easier.

    Combat is very good and keeps getting better and defense meta is being patched out piece by piece.
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    You already own it? Go for it. The game has improved for sure. It still kinda is the best fighter out there due to gameplay and the whole mix. It still is executed sloppily in many aspects. It still seems the way they manage it, the team consists of nerds that are too far removed from reality.
    Newest example: public test realm community order competition. Where via twitter they cheer pc players on that are going to win it. But on PC they have less then half the amount of matches then on console...

    But guess we are used to there clumsiness by now and enjoy the game for what it is. I mostly like it and with servers finally releasing, I can even easily recommend it.
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    Is it worth re-installing almost after a year?
    If you want to, wait untill they release dedicated servers.

    Is it a dead game?
    If you play on PC, yes, the game is dead (it can't even go above 2000 users on steam worldwide)
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    i beg to differ. you get a 4vs4 match asap 24/7. number of player is ok om that respect.

    who cares if there are 1m players in pubg?
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    Pairing people randomly to fill the slots and providing a good environment are 2 different things.
    A matchmaking job is also to guarantee that players will be comparable in level, within a certain margin.

    When this happens too often


    This usually follows


    And it's a vicious circle alas.

    That's also why I mentionned dedicated servers, because it will be a crucial moment for the game, and an occasion for ubi to communicate towards new, but also long gone players, and maybe make them stay this time. They know they can't miss this.
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    I would say wait till get in dedicated servers and fix matchmaking. Until a working connectivity and proper matchmaking is implemented, your experience will keep getting ruined regardless.

    Dedicated servers are a few months away, unfortunately matchmaking seems to be a deep abyss they don't know how to fix. They should just look at what every other game has been doing since 90s instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.
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    Tbf the games in the same state if you left because of the defensive meta I'd give it a few weeks hopefully that will drop soon
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    Don’t waste your time. I am already looking forward to Christmas to play other games with my son that I bought him. Games that I am sure are balanced and are not going to need 20 updates in the first 7 months it is out to fix bugs. Just punch yourself in the nuts and call it a day.
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