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    [BUG] Freezes & Crashes (SURVEY)


    For several weeks, I have Freezes & Crashs (back to the home page of Xbox One).

    This problem seems to be totally random but mainly when there is an interaction with a player or drone (marking, explosion of a mine or grenade (friend or enemy)).
    Likewise for an interaction with a setting (passage through a bush). Essentially, I found these problems in the Ghost War (PVP) mode, moreover the same thing happened on the Campaign mode (Solo) by confronting the Predator.

    Ubisoft is working on the resolution of this "BUG" however, it seems to be unresolved at the moment ...
    Apparently, I will be the only user to be concerned, unfortunately I am a bit skeptical about it. I was able to read messages from other users experiencing the same problem.

    To give you more information, I am currently on an Xbox One. My game is installed on a hard drive external to the console, but I also tried on my internal hard drive and it's almost the same thing (less important crash rate).

    So I ask you is it you too have the same problem?

    Thank you in advance for answering my message

    GG Everybody
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    Signed in to this Forum last night after having the game crash twice in Ranked PvP. I was going post a comment then, but it probably would have been deleted due to language. Came back this morning and saw your post.

    To add insult to injury, I got the "You quit early" warning both times. I like that feature, as it keeps wiggly-bum 12 year old squeakers from baling when they have to wait two minutes for a revive, but I don't think the game crashing should penalize players.
    In frustration, I left after the second crash.

    I've only experienced it in PvP, as I have only played about 30 minutes of campaign. My game is installed on an external HDD.
    I was hoping that they would have fixed this in the latest update, but I guess not.

    First Ranked game I played today, it crashed once again. After rejoining, I asked some other players if they were experiencing the same issue. They said "Yes" and told me that they play an unranked match when they first start the game up, because it seems to always happen on the first game.
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    After coming across the save game file corruption bug I played a little with a new save (after Ubisoft advised me to delete my save) and the game crashed when I was fast travelling to a rally point.

    Sounds like Ubi is now going after Bethesda's crown as king of the bugs.
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    Thanks for the answers, actually it becomes really painful to play and almost impossible to consider playing on the classified mode.

    Have you reported this information to Ubisoft support?

    On my side this "BUG" appeared after the update of November 7th.

    Do you play Xbox One / Xbox One S or Xbox One X?
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    I'm playing on an Xbox One S. After searching this forum, I believe that Ubisoft is aware of the issue.
    The annoying part is getting locked out of the 5 round Ranked matches through no fault of your own. It happened to me yet again this afternoon. Luckily I was in a Xbox party, and the party leader could send me invites to the games. Had I not been in a party, I would have not been able play.
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    i had this same problem twice today in ranked mode. Writing to Ubisoft know the other players is suffering with the same issues .
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    Yup, never had this issue until the December update. Now every night i play I get at least one freeze (in both PvP and PvE) that kicks me to the dashboard. And now I two hours of a warning.
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    same thing happend to me
    but it crashes every time i put the disk in.
    im playing on the xbox one
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    game crashes

    Hi, just picked up wildlands and playing on xbox one x. Playing single player campaign and the game always crashes within ten minutes of starting a game. Tried to get answers from Ubisoft, but no response. Very disheartening...
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    crashes on pvp first game

    Yep crashes on my xbox x aswell. Every first game second match round about 10 minute mark. Restart game and it doesnt happen again? Lost loads of point because of this and got numerous warning about leaving game early! Come on ubisoft sort it out!!
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