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    playing black flag this week, got a convoy and chest to finish up, feel free to add me, serentywyll
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    add me

    add me guys i wanna compare stats and kills and able for sharing is caring achievement for 360 and one version
    im already beaten Ac2 and up to black flag this is my username under ubisoft Team_Carmine hope i can get to Odyssey before march 29th thats when AC3 Remastered comes out
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    Ahoi, Arrrrr.

    If you don't have an request from me, feel free to add me: Mr.NiceKai

    Started the AC - games last year again to play it through the times till odys.
    Also playing GRW and thinking about For Honor.

    And maybe some can tell me how to disable this huge questtext in black flag. horror.
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    Don't know if anyone is reading this, but, hey, the last post is from a week ago. Anyway, I'm "Dehumanizer" on Ubisoft Club, and Darkmoor9 on PSN. Playing AC4 right now, will be moving to other AC games (probably Rogue, Unity, Syndicate, and the AC3 remaster, in that order), so feel free to add me.
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    Feel free to add me as well. Took some time to finally get to play AC IV
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    Feel free to add me also - MaileSmyth
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    Hey everyone,

    You can also find some friends to play with on our Multiplayer Subforum Here.

    Happy gaming!
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    Been working through the whole AC series the past couple of years, since I flat out didn't have the time of the PC to play them for quite awhile. On AC IV now, looking for friends just to finish the social chest challenge. Feel free to add me. theohall
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    100% except community chests

    Please add me so I can finish this game once and for all: painkillerdale2
    All I'm missing is three community chests...
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    Add me on uplay Kawhi002 looking for social chests
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