View Poll Results: Besides the options given, you can add whoever you want. I just couldn't fit the best in only 5 opt

28. You may not vote on this poll
  • FZG_Immel

    4 14.29%
  • LeOs.K_Vipez

    7 25.00%
  • SG1_Cantos

    3 10.71%
  • VO101_Yosser

    10 35.71%
  • I/JG53_Karaya

    4 14.29%
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    People here don't participate in VEF2?
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    Karaya was in VOW.dunno about VEF

    <The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his>
    VMF513-Flying Nightmares
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    To be honest, it's a dumb poll by limiting the choices.


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    But I already told that you might add someone else if you want
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    Hmm... Sincerely, Immel and me should have more votes lololol
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    Well.. I would like to say Uncle Bens, but I cannot since it seems it is not a real human but a special AI bots created by Ooleg to be invincible

    Œm I right ?
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    And well, since I have 0 votes I invites all voters to dogfight

    Œm I right ?
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    Its too bad VVS have not had the chance to feel the fury of my Fw-190 =)

    One of the reasons WUAF is not flying much VEF is because we don't have the Fw-190 to fly yet, the Bf-109 is boring; you can't carry 900L of fuel =)

    Russian aircraft require skill to fly.
    German aircraft require ten times that skill, and one hundred times the patience!

    WUAF_CO_CRBNFRZ on HyperLobby
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