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    R6 Community Discusses - Operator Interactions

    Hello and welcome back to "R6 Community Discusses"!

    The goal of this series is to open conversation on specific topics so players can share their feedback, suggestions, and share tips&strategies with their fellow players. We encourage newer players to ask questions and for our more experienced users to offer whatever advice they can on the subject. Any posts that detract from the discussion, target other users specifically, or are offensive in general will be removed.

    This week we're going to be talking about Operator Interactions.

    Many of you have probably seen some of the R6 Comics that we post on the Facebook page sometimes, or the bits of Operator lore that we include in the patch notes. You also are probably familiar with some of the voice lines that Operators say in-game that sometimes reference other Operators. Those are the types of interactions we're focused on this week.

    1.) Which 2 operators would you be most interested in seeing interact, either in a comic, mention in patch notes, or through in-game dialogue?

    2.) Of the bits of lore and in-game content that already exist, which is your favorite Operator relationship/lore connection?

    3.) How do you feel about this type of content overall? Would you be interested in seeing more about the operators of Siege and their personalities/relationships/history?

    4.) Any ideas or suggestions for content that involves the R6 Cast that you'd like to see in the future?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who participates this week! I'm excited to read all of your cool ideas and responses.

    You can also join any of our previous conversations here: R6 Community Discusses - All Topics
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    - Hibana and Thatcher. As a Hibana main, if I see reinforced walls with bandit wires and mute jammers while at the same time, having no Thatcher and making me waste the Hibana pellets on walls which are not even reinforced or at times not using her gadget at all. Give her some lines whenever she encounters that type of situation.
    - Frost and other operators. When she gets people caught up in her welcome mats needs some lines because it's like winning psychological battle if you trap someone there.
    - How about for the comics, Ash and Defenders? Regarding the hitbox issue. Including Bandit who says: We are getting our hitboxes fixed!!! While Ash replies: What's a hitbox?... From there you guys could continue...
    - IQ and Pulse. These two need lines whenever they face each other as they are their respective counters.
    - Fuze and attackers or Fuze and defenders with regards to the hostage.

    2. Has to be Ela and Zofia... Sisters never fail in this.. Especially their dialogues when facing each other.. Smoke and Lesion as well... Can't imagine those two...

    3. Love it. Would be nice to know if any love affairs are present in the team. Would be nice to know whether they love aggression or methodical style so I could go as close as possible to their personalities.

    4. I imagine a cosplay by the R6 cast in one of the pro league days... I already saw someone doing Valkyrie in... I forgot which season that was and it looked fantastic... And then doing some dialogues...
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    Meh? It's cool to have more inter-operator interactions in-game, and it is a lot better than weakly tying them together using the biography section, but I don't like the idea of operators having very specific buffs. Things get more confusing when X operator has a buff against Y operator's attack, despite X not having any buff against W's similar attack nor having any protection against their own similar gadget. It's like adding exceptions to the rule.

    Reminds me of how Halo 4 and Halo 5 had lots of plot holes and confusing events if you didn't read the books.

    Also, I second the idea of having voicelines reflect how operators are paired together. Like how one operator removes a counter to make way for another operator to be useful. Frost should also totally have some lines for trapping people in her mats if she doesn't already. I'm generally a lot more focused on what my teammates are saying but these little touches do help bring the game together.

    Let me restate why the operator-specific buffs are a little weird. Let's say Echo has white, wind stuns while Ela and Zofia have green, leaf stuns. By that logic it makes perfect sense why Ela and Zofia are slightly immune to each other's stuns while not having any resistance to Echo's stuns. ...But it still doesn't add up. If that's the case then why does Ela take full damage from her own stuns if she accidentally stuns herself, just like how Zofia takes full damage from her own stuns. Why do they only take partial damage from each other's stuns? Because they're sisters? But that still doesn't add up!

    Echo's singular resistance to Dokkaebi makes a little more sense. Unlike Mute or Thatcher who rely on the gadgets they bring being active and in-range, Echo could simply have more security on his gear similarly to how he has a singularly secure connection to his Drone. He's just a plain counter instead of the weird buff Ela and Zofia have against each other.
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    Where can i find the page?

    Can anyone give me the link to the page?
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    1. I would live to see the awkwardness of echo and ying's past relationship show up in the field or dobakkei get mad at echo since he's the only one she can't hack.
    2. I love seeing how ops might already know one another from previous siege operations, or the possibility of them being on rainbow prior to it's deactivation. Maybe even seeing connections with other Six teams.
    3. As before some of the Team Rainbow members are older it'd be nice to see info of them if they were on the team for any of the previous Team Rainbow ops.
    4. More in game chatter between the ops actually acknowledging each other similar to how overwatch characters interact during prep/warmup.
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    Fuse Elite

    Iíve seen the leaked Fuze elite skin and there may be an animation already but I have an idea that the fans will love.
    Team stands behind Fuze while he is holding a hostage maybe with his left hand(you donít have to include a hostage probably because of semi-friendly content) then activates his cluster charge with right hand and team kills everyone!😍😂😂Every will enjoy this MVP. btw the Fuze elite skin looks amazing donít need to change that whether you are planning to but yeah. ❤️ Ubisoft canít wait for season 3!
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    Thanks for the responses guys! The feedback and suggestions are appreciated

    We'll be taking a break from the R6 Community Discusses series until the new year, so we'll see you with a new topic to discuss in 2018!

    Happy Holidays everyone!
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    Bump to top (lol..you can bump stickies!).

    ..is this against policy?
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    I love this sort of content, it makes me so glad when people can have fun in a setting like this. Also, while IRL these types of people's lives are very secret and guarded, part of me likes to imagine like Fuze goes to a bar and Jager is sitting in the corner glaring at him under his massive helmet.
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    I canít answer the first 2 really, as I just got the game less than a week ago, so Iím still learning the ins and outs, nuances, etc of character personalities, relationships, etc. It has actually helped me decide on unlocks. Before, I was torn on who to unlock next, so I read the history and personality profile entries of a few candidates, and made my decision based off that. I am eager to do more Op profile reading since I tend to like lore in video games. Which segues into #3 and #4!

    3) I love it. So yes, I would be interested to see more interactions, tho maybe donít overdo it to where it takes away from the intensity of the game. Like, I donít want opponent Ops cracking jokes at each other when shooting at each other, or teammates having long conversations while walking around the map.

    4) Maybe video shorts? And not necessarily like 5-10 min ones focusing on a character or two, but just like a 1-2 minute one w/ some past story of either a single character or an entire organization would be cool. Given that this is set in reality and a lot of characters lack a fantastical aesthetic to them, trying to distinguish them through deep, extensive videos (about backstory or current stories) may still be somewhat futile. The players who care will probably get more out of 2 min videos than the casual fan would get out of a 10 min video (if you couldnít tell, Iím heavily comparing this to OWís video short campaign. Given that gameís aesthetic and far reach, it can promote characters differently compared to other games such as Siege). Also, I like the idea of comics, preferably hard copies and not just digital shorts (tho I understand if thatís not practical), as I actually am a comic fan!

    Anyway, hope that helps!
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