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    Awful website

    I have tried several times to reset my password but even though it states success, the new password is not accepted.

    Chat is never available.

    The help article for login issues says to raise a ticket. You have to login to do that! Genius!

    Trying to link a twitch account is impossible as the form demands a country but no list is available to choose from! Brilliant!

    Clearly you don’t want any customers...
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    Hello TallOne2017, welcome to the forums! Since you aren't able to log in to create a ticket or reach Support via live chat, here are a few more ways you can reach them:

    You can try calling one of our Support centers, use the listing closest to your own region:

    You can also reach out to our Facebook and Twitter Support pages here:
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    How about fixing your web site!

    Doesn’t matter anyway... I am taking my business elsewhere.
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