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    Uplay client and overlay: Chat functionnality bugged.

    Good evening, everyone!

    Here's my issue: after normally launching For Honor, I've noticed that all my conversations and discussion groups had disappeared on the Uplay Overlay. Tried to open up a new one, but the window stood empty.

    I've then proceeded to relog from Uplay, thinking it could just be a random launching bug. But nothing changed. My last option would be to reinstall it, but maybe it's a common issue that could be solved another way.

    Here's the screenshot to see what I'm talking about: https://pasteboard.co/GXL3h1a.png

    Thanks in avance.
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    I know this isn't helpful to you, but it could narrow down the problem; I also have the problem where I can't access any chats, and it is also linked to For Honor as far as I'm concerned. I can accept invites just fine, but I don't know about receiving messages. Been stuck like this for like an hour now.
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    same here, just opened a new topic (didn't notice yours"
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    Ahah, and I answered to yours, linking my thread!

    So yeah, I hope someone will show up with some sort of fix. Have spoken with friends of mine who just noticed the chat took some more time to load, but nothing more. I'm gonna check if it's a firewall issue.
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    ubi--unicorn's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hi everyone, this is due to the degradation that is occurring currently.
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    Same happened to me on Rainbow Six: all chat/groups gone. Cant even chat with friends.

    Thanks BUGISOFT!
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    Damn, that's a lot of opened tabs
    And about the problem, it's still not resolved, 12th 9:19 am, EET
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    Still not fixed, can't chat with anyone from my uplay friendlist.
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    Bugged Uplay Chat

    Same here, this is really starting to piss me off. I can't message or get in contact with any of my Uplay buddies.
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    Same problem here,all can chat with their buddies but I cant.I hope Ubisoft fix this problem!
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