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    Defy your friends in the new free Versus Mode for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle!

    The Versus Mode is now available for free for all owners of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle!

    The Versus mode is a new multiplayer experience, playable locally on a single console and developed especially for you, the fans! This long-awaited two-player game mode allows you to defy a friend and show your tactical abilities in fun local fights, filled with random bonus items that make every battle epic.

    Assemble a team of 3 heroes with techniques and weapons that have been redesigned specifically for balanced confrontations. Then join the battle on 4 unique battlefields, with new surprising elements dispatched on the map and evolving throughout the fight!

    Go ahead, put your tactical skills to the test and share the fun with your friends!

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    This is actually really fun. Why cant I play it online or over wii fi with my friends?
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