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    The Original Vision of For Honor

    Skip to 0:19 to bypass the intro.

    Concept "gameplay" from a few years back. It's motion captured CGI, not actually gameplay, but it's an interesting look at what For Honor could've been if it were designed a little differently.

    Personally I like the slower, more thoughtful/believable approach of the concept footage, although I still enjoy what we got instead. Which do you prefer, today's For Honor or the one depicted in the video?
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    The full footage is in this presentation, done by For Honor's original Creative Director, Jason VandenBerghe, in which he talks about For Honor's development from concept, to finished product.

    I've yet to see the whole thing myself, but will report back once I have with a more complete opinion.

    EDIT; All done.

    I'd assumed the full gameplay teaser the OP posted was in this talk, it is not. But I have seen the full length video, so it is out there. It's like 10 minutes of gameplay.

    The talk itself is very interesting, even if we just focus on the For Honor relevant aspects. The original Vision seems to have been more grounded and slower paced than what we have now.

    For a long time now, I've felt like Jason leaving Ubisoft almost right after For Honor launched was a huge red flag, that the game we're playing today isn't what he envisioned. His presentation made me rethink my opinion, that he just wanted his unique gameplay idea to get to market, and once he fulfilled that dream, he was ready to move on.
    But I'm still disappointed that he didn't stay on, because his ideas might have given us a different experience today, possibly a better one.

    The "original" vision of For Honor does seem to just have been a pure Turtle meta game, with much slower, high risk/high reward moves, whereas today you're either getting Light spammed to death, or Turtled to death.
    I think I might have liked the original vision better, as it seems more skill focused and better paced.
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    The original idea of it being slower paced and more methodical is a nice concept but a pipe dream.
    Game had to be changed because the skill floor was too low and the skill ceiling was also pretty short.
    If this was a more traditional fighter where frame traps and footsies were a thing we might have been able to do a slower paced game.
    I enjoy what we have now.
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