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    Silent Hunter / Silent Hunter II

    Hidden & Dangerous

    It was a shame that the multiplayer side of Silent Hunter II / Destroyer Command broke down, but nevertheless SH/SHII are good games.

    Hidden & Dangerous is allegedly very buggy (though it plays fine for me) but very immersive.

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    i must say (other than fb) my personal favourites are MOHAA and RTCW a close third - i don't care what anyone says about arcadrishness (or unrealness - in the case of RTCW) i'll admit i don't own alot of games but i find these games fun to play and release a bit of tension on.

    both games have excellent music (best iv'e ever heard in a game in the case of MOHAA and are deeply immersive IMO and both vprovide a nice counterpoint to the realism/skill needed in FB.

    Fourth i would probably put bf1942 although this could be a hell of alot better- especially if they actually bothered modelling the russian and japanese weapons ( instead of giving the rusiian american guns and the japs german guns- EH?)

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    MOHAA would be the one, if - at least - the Mutliplayer-Part wasn't so... "quaky" - Jumping off the church, firing BAR and hitting at least 50% a target, half a level away, and when you finally land on your feet, you loose 15 Healthpoints for a 10m fall..... that sux

    BF1942 is fun, but not the very best WW2 game.

    My personal favourites are

    B17 II - The Mighty Eighth

    because you really duck in front of your screen, when you hear the pieces of Flak colliding with the plane and the incoming tracers from the fighters, the crew and all. Awesome atmosphere.

    CloseCombat - Series
    IMHO there is no other strategy game, besides the "MedievalSeries", that deserves the name "RealTimeStrategy" as much as this game!

    Of course, but the atmosphere is not as dense as it was, when sitting in the B17 searching the skies.

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    BillRK wrote:
    Can't believe everyone mentions MOHAA but not Operation Flashpoint.

    I think, that's because the question was about favourite WW2-Games and OPF is NOT a WW2-Game =)

    If it was, I'd surely voted for OPF, since it was far better than BF1942 in many respects - not all, but many - and I'm really looking forward to OPF2.

    (At least you can't make a tighter turn with a fighter than with a jeep as in BF1942, grrrrrr)

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