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    Can you still download the app today of 2019

    I wanna download this app when I get a tablet
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    Yes, sort of.
    You need to install an app (from an unknown source) called Aptiode. It's like the Google Play Store except it appears to be able to find apps which other users have uploaded, legit or not. It's advertisement says that it's curated by users so everything is true, however as we all know spam and scams are also curated by users.

    Once you have this app installed, you can then do a search for the Black Flag Companion app and install it as you would through Google Play. Your Android will most likely give you a warning that it's trying to install from an unknown source, and you will need to allow it to happen.

    Now if a user can provide the complete installation app off of website, it stands to reason that that user could have also injected their own code into the app. However, according to Aptoide, The Trusted Shield icon is legitimate and the app has not been tampered with allegedly.

    When you install the Black Flag Companion app, your Android will also say that it only needs access to your storage. Again, I have no idea if this means that the app has the capability of deleting files off your phone.

    Proceed at your own risk, but after running the companion app once, everything seems to be there.


    While downloading anything from Aptoide, it will display advertisements with the close button for the ad displaying in different corners so as to display longer while you search for it.
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