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    Link for companion app

    Originally Posted by veronica5585 Go to original post
    Same here. Both in googleplay and ios.
    I actually want to have it on ios more than android since I have an android phone and an ios tablet, as tablet is bigger, nicer... Black Flag is 5 yearsold but a lot of people are still playing it especially after ubi gave it us as a gift. I even recently bought the season pass for it so I could play Freedom Cry DLC. They definitely need to keep supporting the companion app.
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    App still works for those who still has in mobile account(AppStore and Play Store). But as a part of Initiates(which is no longer existed), they will no longer support or publish it.

    I have downloaded app assigned to my iOS account, but since I've updated to iOS 11 and they did not update the app for a long time (so there is no 64-bit support) I cannot launch it.

    Same for Unity companion app.

    The game is 3 years old (Unity at least), servers are running, update to 64-bit version is very easy, I can say it as iOS developer, so what is a problem?

    Ubisoft don't care, they still selling both games with a good price for all platforms, but you can forget about all other things if you bought it too late.
    No events, no companion app, just give us money and shut up or buy the latest game (Origins), but keep in mind - we will forget about you after 3 years or even earlier
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    X-Factorus: could you please upload the IOS pa you have for the companion app? I've looked everywhere but can't find it...
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    Assassin's creed 4 companion

    Originally Posted by Chris2015VN Go to original post
    Sadly, they won't do anything to bring back Companion app for AC4.
    If anyone still have the app, they can still use it!
    And, to anyone still have the app, either AppStore or Play Store. Please share it!
    This game is dropped to death, Ubisoft won't do anything on this game anymore. But people still enjoys playing it!
    I have that app and data and i am playing this game for first time but in game showing last update not available. You have old game data in this game. If you have game data please transfer it to me.
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    Add me for companion app

    Originally Posted by aravinthajith28 Go to original post
    I have that app and data and i am playing this game for first time but in game showing last update not available. You have old game data in this game. If you have game data please transfer it to me.
    Add me as a friend, my playstation ID is: Entity37

    I have an old iPhone still running iOS 10, so my companion app works. Anyone still playing with the app, feel free to add me as well!!
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    The Assassin's Creed Black Flag companion app is no longer supported and was removed from the store with the release of iOS 11.
    Thanks for sharing your continued interest with us.
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    Hello, i had found it. There is not on PlayStore avaiable. You can pick Google and Search "Aptoide" and download it. There is it.
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    Ubisoft, we understand you are saying that the "App is no longer supported" rhetoric....

    The question then is WHY is it no longer supported? Updating these 2 apps (Black Flag and Unity) to 64-bit would take a Dev about an hour of work TOPS. Then it will last you guys YEARS because 64-bit isnt going anywhere soon... This is an obvious business decision for years of payoff.

    It doesn't matter if these games are 3-4 years old, you guys are still selling them for decent $$, servers are online, and they are plenty popular enough to warrant 30 minutes of time per app to update.

    I know they dont really add much, but seriously, for the amount of work it would take to reactivate the feature it just makes Ubi look lazy... even a tiny independent developer would have updated an app for their game by now (assuming they are still in business and selling their game)... a multi-million dollar company cant spare 1 guy for an hour to make a quick change? It just makes you guys look bad and like you dont give a crap about supporting a game beyond the year or two it was released... Is this what I have to look forward to with Division 2? Because I haven't bought it yet and I dont know if I will if this is what I get down the line..

    Ubisoft should WANT to spend the extremely minimal amount of money this update would take, just for the sake of company image alone... Right now, you guys look lazy and like money grubbers since the fix is so simple yet you guys still dont seem to care (like: We already got your money, joke's on you)... Yet update a simple app fix and you guys will look like you actually care about your community and games (which will result in increased profit for your next release).

    If you guys cant see the payoff, you need to hire some new Finance guys or get a new CFO.
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    I’d play AC4 companion app if it worked on iOS 12+
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