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    Bug with captain at Camp Shetjeh in Siwa

    I seem to have a bug at Camp Shetjeh in Siwa.
    I killed the captain in this camp very early in the game, but the camp is still incomplete when i check the map and progress. It is looted, but the captain has not been killed according to the progress, but I did kill the captain very early in the game, might have been during the "Strike the anvil" quest, but I'm not sure, and now there is no captain there to kill.
    I am 72h in to the game, I have revisited the Camp Shetjeh in Siwa more than 10 times, passed time, etc, but there is no captain there to kill and I can't get the achievement "Old habits", because of this.

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    Anyone know if there is any news or update about this?
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    I have restarted the game last week after the 1.1.0 patch. And the captain was there. However, I had an issue finding him once as Senu had low perception at that time. I have never had any issues with the captain in previous versions of the game as well.

    As it is a night time shown on your screenshot try checking the tents that are not visible on the screenshot. These tents are located a little bit lower then the bottom of the screenshot and to the left side of the road. There are two tents there, 2 enemies might sleep in one of the tents and 3 enemies in the other one.

    There are too few enemies shown on the screenshot. There should be more of them in the camp if I remember it correctly.
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    No captain

    Yes the captain isn't there, the screenshots were during night time, but like my original post stated, I have been there more than 10 times now during my play time and passed time several times, searched through all Siwa, but since I killed the captain in the beginning he is gone now and I can't complete this camp.
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    Hey Nyusicaa, thanks for reaching out about this technical issue! You can start by double checking your system specifications against our system requirements for ACO before performing a cache clear by deleting browser data and cookies; running a different browser can also be very helpful. You can exhaust all the typical sources of performance issues by utilizing the steps listed on our general PC troubleshooting FAQ and by performing a re-installation of the game. The last step you can employ is going through each step of our ACO performance FAQ to resolve any major performance issues you may be suffering. Ultimately, if you are finding none of this resolves the matter for you, you will want to look deeper with one of our agents by creating a ticket with the support team. Best of luck and happy gaming!
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    it happened to me too. and precisely the bug presented itself after doing the mission of Benipe (the blacksmith) I'm on Xbox what can I do? (I do not want to lose the progress of the game)
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