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    What Being "Over-Powered" Actually Means

    The new characters, as many claim, would appear to be overpowered. But does anyone actually know what that means?

    Most of the theory for this Post comes from a video by TureUnderDawgGaming, on YouTube. He mostly does Fighting Game videos, but since For Honor is basically a 3D Fighting Game, I believe his insight applies, here.

    The definition of being Over-Powered, according to him, is: "when a character or item in the game excels at one aspect, and performs very well in all others". The example he gave for this was Deadshot from Injustice 2. A character that was nerfed for being Over-Powered. Deadshot was characterized as a Keep-Away character, like Nobushi- a fighter who specializes at keeping the opponent away from them and at a distance. Dealing damage with a long-range weapon.

    As expected, Deadshot's Keep-Away game was damn-near GODLIKE. If you're not careful, he could turn you into swiss cheese in a matter of seconds. But that's not the issue. The issue was: in addition to being very good at a distance, Deadshot was also very adequate at fighting up close. This left every other character in the game unable to properly counter him, since he could annihilate a person from a distance and utterly trounce you up close as well. The best way to nerf Deadshot, would be to remove a few of his up-close combos and make him vulnerable when someone's in his face.

    Then, given the correct approach, Deadshot's opponent could beat him rather soundly, if he doesn't manage to keep them at a distance well enough.

    For Honor... has a few of these problems. Let's take Warden as an example. As a Vanguard, he is meant to be adaptable and easy-to-learn. Difficult to master. Warden should have been made with the intention of making him "good at one thing, and okay at everything else". Same goes for Kensei and Raider. Each decent at one aspect, and passable in all others. The problem is: Warden does not follow this formula. He is "utterly excellent at many things, adequate at almost everything else, with very few weaknesses".

    I believe that the Heroes in For Honor need to stick closer to their respective classes.
    Like how Shugoki epitomizes being a Heavy. "High health, high damage, massive Stopping Power, slow movement, slow attacks, shoddy stamina".
    Assassins should have: "high speed, high damage potential, low health, and little Stopping Power (throw distance, ability to stop oneself from getting unbalanced, and getting thrown further than usual)".
    The Hybrids should "excel at the two things that their 'parent classes' embody, and be relatively useless at the things their 'parent classes' fall short in".

    Gladiator's throw distance, for example, especially given the animation for it, should not be as strong as it is. It's literally just a jab in the gut, and he's an Assassin. He shouldn't be tossing people around like a rag-doll. The Heavies are supposed to do that.

    Same goes for Shaman- she's literally a 120 pound, skinny light-weight. I don't care how addicted to blood she is, adrenaline can only enhance one's strength so much.

    Now... any comments?
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    Warden does have quite a few weaknesses, such as his extremely limited moveset, which makes him probably the most predictable hero in the game in terms of tactics. He's a one-trick pony.
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    Originally Posted by SanguinemCorvum Go to original post
    Warden does have quite a few weaknesses, such as his extremely limited moveset, which makes him probably the most predictable hero in the game in terms of tactics. He's a one-trick pony.
    And those tricks work way too often to make any sense.
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    Eh. I can see the concept behind the deffinition he gave. But for honor is barely a fighter. It lacks, in my opinion, some fundemental things a fighter has. Like frame traps and footsies.
    I think to better fit the term for this game it would be better to state that an overpowered hero is:
    A hero that ignores the basic rules of combat, ignores/highly benefits from the defensive mechanics, and has no bad matchups.

    From memory I don't believe we have any heros anymore that ignore set in rules. Save for maybe centurions ability to knock people down on the ground wether or not the person is OOS. Centurion also highly benefits from the defensive mechanics in the game. But he does have bad matchups. Mainly people who can keep range on him. So he's not over powered imo.
    Aramusha isn't over powered either. He's got bad matchups, he doesn't benefit anymore than most heros from playing defensive. And everything he does adheres to the rules of the game.

    Shaman doesn't ignore any rules. She actually is punished pretty hard for letting her opponent take aggression on her. This is seen by being able to light attack her out of pounce mix ups or her heavy soft feint mix ups. And her bad match ups are people who have range. Since ranged heavy parries give her nothing.

    But she had numbers (and still might) on her side. Making her over tuned.
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    To me overpowered in For Honor means a character that has no bad matchups because no one can counter what they can do. So far the Centurion was the only character that has come closest to being unstoppable since pre-nerf he was an excellent turtle breaker as well as being an excellent turtle himself with the game's best punishes. The Aramusha and Shaman both have bad matchups. The thing about Shaman is that they over tuned her numbers and thus she has an unnecessary excess of power against her good matchups that she doesn't really need to have.
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    Peacekeeper is op on console, superfast lights and zoneattacking. Always Been top Of the foodchain in competive tournaments.
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