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    chessmaster 10 on Windows 10

    When my laptop got upgraded to windows 10, Chessmaster 10 stopped working. So as suggested on forum I went for re-installation of the same. But unfortunately my CD1 is giving CRC (checksum) error while installing and installation halts. Please suggest a solution for this.

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    Did you uninstall Chessmaster first before attempting to re-install? If not, that's what I would suggest.
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    Unable to install Chessmaster 10 (Collector's Edition) On Windows 10

    Dear Mr,

    I purchased the above edition a while back, I've attempted numerous times to install the program without any success: the 3 CDs in addition to the 3 patches

    The game itself and the patches are installing properly, but when I try to fire up the game from the windows menu (without the CD inserted) it prompts for the selection of the game settings: Render Mode - Direct3D (Full Effects) and then nothing happens, not an error, nothing... Any idea what I could be missing? Is the patch only working for Windows 7?

    I would hate to buy another chess game, when this one used to work great in my old laptop.

    Thank you for your help Sir.
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    I assume you're installing on Windows 10. To answer your question, Chessmaster 10 works on Windows 8 and Windows 10, but you have to be careful about how you install it.

    You will be prompted for game settings the first time you run Chessmaster 10th Edition. From that point on, the dialog will not appear.

    I just installed Chessmaster 10th Edition on a new Windows 10 machine last week. Here's what I did:

    1. Installed Chessmaster as the Administrator.
    2. When I installed, I chose to install all options, to the default drive/folder.
    3. The last thing that I was prompted to do is install DirectX and Adobe Reader... I skipped both of these.
    4. I installed all the patches. These also need to be installed as the Administrator. The patches are not "run and forgot"... Each patch will let you know if it installed successfully. If the first patch fails, you're using the wrong patches.

    As to what's is happening with you, I'm guessing that:

    1. You didn't choose to install all the options (if this is the case, you'll need to uninstall and re-install).
    2. The patches didn't install correctly (if this this the case, you'll need to re-install the patches).
    3. There is a problem with DirectX. (Event thought I didn't have to, I have heard this may not always be the case. If you need to, you can install it from the CD).

    Installing as the Administrator is important... if you're the Administrator, that's good, but not enough. You have to right-click on the setup file and then select 'Run As Administrator" from the menu.

    Hope this helps!
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    patches for windows 10 not working

    Hi. I am jaimini vaishnave from India. I am having chessmaster 10th edition (3 CDs), purchased around 6-7 years back in India itself. For quite long I was not using the same. Today I tried to install thae same on my laptop having windows 10. First there were some issues in installation, but reading in forum I 'unchecked' DirectX and then it got installed. But game is not running. Again reading in forum I downloaded 3 patches. But Ist patch itself is not running, error coming as : Unknown Version.
    Please help
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    Which version of the patches did you download? Chessmaster 10th Edition had four versions: US, UK, French, and Russian, each with it's own patches. The US patches will only work on the US version, UK patches will only work on the UK version, etc.

    Go to the Chessmaster 10th Edition Downloads and download all the patches again. Try installing the first US patch. If that doesn't work, try the first UK patch. If the UK patch doesn't work, try the French patches. (I doubt you have the Russian version).
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    cannot install Chessmaster 10 on Windows 10

    am trying to install Chessmaster 10 (US version) on Windows 10 Home edition. have DirectX version 12 installed. insert disc 1 and right click setup.exe and click 'run as administrator'. click Next 3-4 times. come to a screen where it says 'Install DirectX 9.0 (recommended for DirectX supported video cards)'. I tried it both ways - selecting this option and not selecting this option. The install starts to run and stops when it is doing a 'removing applications' step. The error it gives me is 'chessmaster 10 edition error - data error (cyclic redundancy check)'. I click OK and it says 'feature transfer error - error: 1603 fatal error during installation. consult windows installer help (msi.chm) or MSDN for more information'.

    does anyone know how to resolve this.

    Thank you.
    Edwin in Canada
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    I've seen this error happen before; it's happened when the disc is dirty or scratched. Please clean your CD and try again.
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    Where is Chessmaster?
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    Where is Chessmaster? I have apparently installed Chesmaster 10, but cannot find it anywhere. How do I get to play it?
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